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Bespoke teeth straightening for all ages

Bespoke teeth straightening for all ages

Before and after braces and bonding to relieve moderate crowding

Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic has a Specialist in Orthodontics, Kostas Spathoulas, who offers an extensive range of bespoke brace systems that can straighten or move children’s and adults’ teeth into the correct position. His brace systems include Damon, Insignia, Invisalign and Incognito appliances, as well as treatments to correct problems in young children’s teeth, such as addressing the effects of thumb sucking.

Kostas’ specialist knowledge means he is referred patients from other dentists to correct their teeth alignment, relieve crowded teeth or improve their bite.

Elmsleigh House is a private dental clinic dedicated to providing the highest standard of care and treatment using the latest technology and most proven systems to achieve the best results possible for all patients.

Until the end of October, Kostas is offering a half price consultation to all ages to determine the best teeth straightening solution for you (not applicable to referred patients, where usual fees apply). Kostas will perform a thorough examination and explain the best brace systems for you, detailing your chosen choice in a written treatment plan with all costs involved. He also offers staged payments to spread the cost of treatment.

Whatever your dental needs or concerns, the team at Elmsleigh House can help. For further information call 01252 713797, email [email protected] or click here to request a phonecall online. 

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