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Brush DJ - a free app to improve oral hygiene

Brush DJ - a free app to improve oral hygiene

Excellent dental hygiene is essential to keep your teeth clean and gums healthy, which is vital for your long-term health.

Brush DJ is a free app developed by a dentist to encourage patients of all ages to brush their teeth for two minutes each time they clean their teeth.

The app is available to download onto Android and Apple devices, and it plays two minutes of music chosen from the user’s device to make brushing more fun!

The app also links to animated oral health educational videos, which are also available on YouTube. These videos show young patients how best to brush, floss and use interdental brushes, which is especially important during orthodontic treatment (braces).

It is advised that the app is used to encourage effective brushing after every meal, and ideally played twice per brushing session: once using an interdental brush; and again using a manual or electric toothbrush with fluoride toothpaste.

For more information about Brush DJ or to download the app, click to visit the website at www.brushdj.com.

Source: Orthodontic Update January2016

Click here to watch Gill, one of our hygienists, show you how to clean effectively around braces.

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