Courses and study clubs

Over 15 years ago we started providing our own training programmes, courses and seminars for dentists.

Our courses are popular and places are limited. To secure a place or for more information, please contact Cat Collins, our Managing Director, on 01252 715706 or email

Modular Implant Prosthetics Course

We believe that dental implants can be the ideal treatment option for patients with missing teeth.  We have created our Modular Implant Prosthetics Course to give you the skills and confidence to offer implant prosthetics to your patients.

The new modular structure of the course means you can take the training as far as you need to. Each of the modules is a separate course, so you can learn at your own pace.

The modules cover:

  • Module A: Implant prosthetics for single and small multi-tooth crown and bridgework
  • Module B: Implant prosthetics for implant locator and overdentures
  • Module C: Implant prosthetics for full-arch restorations.

For more information contact Cat Collins on 01252 715706 or email

Study Club

We welcomed the first members to our Study Club more than a decade ago. Since then we have hosted over 80 events and had the chance to bring world-class speakers, such as Chris Orr, Martin Kelleher, Eric Whaites, John Besford, Arun Nayyar and Trevor Burke, in front of our members.

Our Study Club is capped at twenty members because we know this works. Listening to someone such as Martin Kelleher in a small group, where you can ask questions and carry the debate into dinner, is completely different to hearing him speak at a large conference venue.

We guarantee 27 hours of verifiable CPD every year (including some core topics), which means your learning for the year is scheduled in advance. Many of our members re-book, but we welcome some new members into our Study Club every year.

Free seminars

Our free evening seminars for dentists are held at our clinic in Farnham, Surrey, and the speakers are all experienced clinicians and members of our referral team.

Attendance at each seminar gives you 1.5 hours of verifiable CPD.

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