Patient fee guide for referring dentists

This is a guide to our fees only, as all patients will be given a written quotation for their unique situation; we guarantee that our fees quoted will not change throughout your patient’s treatment.

Consultations include DPT and x-ray pictures as appropriate.

Dental implants – Tim Thackrah, Hugh Cowley, Hans Dieter-John, Kit Spears

Advantage™ Implant Consult £150
Fixed implant, single tooth (referring dentist restores the implant) from £1800
Fixed implant and single tooth (our clinic restores the implant) from £3300
Fixed implant, single tooth with bone regeneration and cosmetic restoration from £4300
Fixed metal plastic full-arch bridgework in the lower jaw, four to five implants from £12,500
Fixed metal plastic full-arch bridgework in the upper jaw, five to eight implants from £16,500
Fixed metal ceramic full-arch bridgework, six implants from £24,000
Immediate transitional bridge on four implants (‘All on Four’) from £10,000
Two implants and a full lower overdenture from £7500
Four implants and a full upper overdenture from £14,000
Additional fees for bone, sinus and gum grafting from £600

Dentures – Frank Johnson

Denture consultation (30 minutes) Free
Denture Premier Essential
– full denture, chrome £3700 £2400
– full denture, plastic £3500 £2100
– partial denture (one to three teeth), chrome £2400 £2100
– partial denture (four+ teeth), chrome £2600 £2200
– partial denture (one tooth), plastic £600 £500
– partial denture (two to three teeth), plastic £950 £700
– partial denture (four+ teeth), plastic £1500 £1150
Additional teeth  
– one to two teeth £450
– three to six teeth £950
Full relines £550 per denture
Partial relines £650–£750 per denture
Repairs £250–£450

Endodontics – Shashi Mishra, Somayeh Modarres-Simmons

Endodontic consultation (30 minutes) £125
Incisor/canine root canal treatment from £750
Premolar root canal treatment from £850
Molar root canal treatment from £950
Retreatment from £750
Apical surgery, instrument removal, perforation repair Individual quotation

Oral surgery

Oral surgery consultation (60 minutes) £120
– surgical from £395
– standard £225

Periodontics – Manoj Tank

Periodontic consultation (45 minutes) £150
Periodontal therapy from £160 (30 minutes)
Root debridement from £160–£520
Perio splinting from £460
Perio root amputation from £500
Perio root amputation and splinting from £1200

Periodontal surgery – Hans-Dieter John

Gum recession consultation (30 minutes) £125
Surgical periodontal treatment per quadrant £1000–£1500
Crown lengthening from £600
Gum grafting from £1600
Open debridement from £900
Frenectomy from £600

Restorative and cosmetic dentistry

Restorative and cosmetic dentistry consultation(60 minutes) £150
Cosmetic re-shaping from £250
Cosmetic bonding from £210
Cosmetic crowns from £1250
Ceramic veneers from £1000
Composite veneers from £500

Conventional orthodontics

Orthodontic consultation  
– adult aged 16+ years (45 minutes) £120
– child aged 10–15 years (45 minutes) £100
– child aged 6–9 years (30 minutes) £55
Myofunctional treatments (addressing the effects of habits such as thumb sucking, reverse swallow, incorrect lip and tongue function and mouth breathing in young children (6+ years)) from £1200
Orthodontic low-friction Damon fixed appliances  
– metallic (Damon Q) from £3650
– ceramic (Damon Clear) from £4250
Orthodontic computer-aided smile design with custom-made low-friction Insignia fixed appliances  
– metallic (Insignia metallic) from £4500
– ceramic (Insignia Clear) from £5250
Invisalign custom-made clear removable aligners from £4800
Incognito custom-made lingual (fitted behind the teeth) fixed appliances  
– per arch from £4000
– for both upper and lower arch from £8000

Sedation – Hugh Cowley

Relative analgesia (per 15 minutes) £20
Oral sedation (per appointment) £200
Intravenous sedation (per 60 minutes) £300