Our promise to you

  • We will never approach your patient and will guarantee not to accept them for any non-referred treatment for five years

  • We will send you and your patient a comprehensive treatment plan, detailing all stages of treatment and costs involved; we guarantee these costs will not change throughout treatment, so your patient will be satisfied with the results knowing there are no financial surprises

  • We will keep you informed throughout your patient’s treatment, and will send you copies of all correspondence for your records

  • We will encourage you to be actively involved in your patient’s treatment where possible

  • We will provide educational support to you and your staff through regular courses and seminars

  • We will always return your patient to your care for restorative work or at the end of treatment, depending on your requirements.

Why choose us?

  • We are one of the leading cosmetic dental clinics in the South of England, with over 25 years’ experience placing thousands of dental implants with proven results

  • We are one of the UK’s most technically advanced centres offering clinical excellence from our team of highly qualified and experienced dentists, oral surgeons and technicians

  • We are trusted by over 500 dentists who refer their patients to us for dental implants and other specialist and complex treatments, and who value us as an invaluable part of their team

  • We have extensive experience in all types of cases, from dental implants, dentures, endodontics, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery and periodontics to sedation options for more nervous patients

  • We base all our treatment on long-term scientific research and use the very best materials and techniques

  • We offer peace of mind for you and your patients, as you will be reassured that your patients will receive the highest quality treatment, an exceptional range of services and a unique standard of professional care, ensuring all patients experience excellence.