Why choose us?

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If you have teeth missing, you may find eating difficult, your speech may be affected by loose dentures or you may be embarrassed by your smile. The idea of treatment can be daunting – at Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic we have extensive experience in tailoring treatment to suit your needs, enabling you to regain confidence in your teeth and smile.

Why choose Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic?

  • Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic is one of the South of England’s leading cosmetic dental clinics, and our implant surgeons have more than 25 years’ experience placing dental implants
  • Our extensive experience and proven results mean we have successfully helped thousands of patients with missing teeth, enabling them to smile again with confidence
  • We are trusted by over 500 dentists who refer their patients to us for dental implants and other complex solutions
  • Our experience means we can probably help you, even if you have been told that you are not suitable for dental implants by another dentist
  • We have an experienced team of dentists, surgeons, technicians and hygienists, and carry out all implant procedures within our clinic
  • We tailor treatment to meet each individual’s needs; your treatment plan will detail all costs involved before you start your treatment
  • We guarantee that these costs will not change, ensuring you are happy with your treatment and know there are no hidden costs
  • We will always be professional and treat you with respect; where possible we will adjust or fit temporary false teeth to minimise gaps during healing
  • We only use high-quality, well-researched implant systems and follow the highest standards for hygiene and sterilisation
  • Whether you have one tooth , several teeth or all of your natural teeth missing , we can find a solution for you, with consideration of your health, cosmetic and financial needs.