Immediate teeth

Many people ask us why dental implant treatment takes months not days. The main reason why implants are so strong and secure is the process of osseointegration – where your jaw bone fuses with the surface of the titanium implant. Traditionally dentists have been cautious about ‘loading’ the implant during this vital healing process, believing that complete osseointegration only occurred if the implant was immobile. However, developments in implant design mean that in the right circumstances there is no disadvantage to placing ‘immediate teeth’, where preparatory work, implant placement, and making and fitting a temporary crown or bridgework are all performed on the same day.

Experienced assessment

Your suitability for immediate teeth will be assessed during your Advantage™ Implant Consult. This hour-long appointment enables the implant team to assess whether you have sufficient healthy jaw bone to make this treatment viable and to ensure your teeth and mouth are free from infection.

Even if you are not suitable for immediate teeth we can still offer you dental implants – we will simply fit or amend your temporary denture to minimise gaps in your teeth during treatment.

Your treatment plan will detail your treatment option in full, as well as the costs involved. We guarantee these fees will not change, which means you will be satisfied with your results knowing there will be no hidden costs.

We have over 25 years’ experience placing dental implants and are trusted by over 500 dentists who refer their patients to us for dental implant treatment. We will only offer immediate teeth if it is a suitable, long-lasting solution for you. However, if you are not suitable for dental implants in a day, we will tailor the dental implant process to suit your dental health needs and to ensure your implants are placed successfully with long-lasting results.