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A guide to teeth straightening without metal braces

Written by Elmsleigh House | 27-Jun-2016 11:50:10

Modern teeth straightening does not have to mean metal braces. At Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic in Farnham we offer a number of subtler ways to realign your teeth. If you are interested in teeth straightening treatment, whatever your age, why not join us for an orthodontic consultation?

The issue with standard braces

Braces remain, in many cases, the best way to straighten teeth, giving your dentist or orthodontist maximum control over each tooth’s movement, and producing results that are easy to predict.

However, there is one obvious problem with metal braces, and it is just that: they are very obvious in the mouth, and whilst many children and teenagers see them as a rite of passage during school or college, the thought of having to wear a very noticeable metal appliance for months or even years on end can be enough to put them off seeking treatment.

At our Farnham clinic, we want to emphasise the benefits of teeth straightening whatever your age. Although some discreet orthodontic options are referred to as “cosmetic” braces, there are always additional benefits to be gained – both for your dental and general health.

By straightening your teeth, you make them easier to clean, as misaligned teeth tend to have hard-to-reach gaps where plaque can build up. This can lead to gum disease, which has been linked by some to a range of general health conditions including diabetes and heart disease.

If you have front teeth that protrude, they are at greater risk of accidental damage, whilst correcting issues with your bite ensures the forces generated by biting and chewing are more evenly distributed, and can even help with issues such as night-time tooth grinding.

Farnham braces and aligners

We use a range of discreet braces and aligners at our Farnham dental clinic. Your dentist will discuss all appropriate treatment options when you come in for your initial consultation.

Depending on your needs, treatment could involve:

Lingual braces – Attached to the rear surfaces of your teeth, and able to correct a wide range of issues.

Inman Aligner – A single-use clear aligner used to treat protruding front teeth.

Our Specialist in Orthodontics talks about customised orthodontic treatments (bespoke braces) : https://youtu.be/L3RqTCv8dI8