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Alternatives to metal braces: routes to straighter teeth

Written by Elmsleigh House | 22-Aug-2016 11:50:22

Metal braces are no longer the only option available to patients who want straighter teeth. Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic in Farnham offers a number of more discreet ways to improve tooth alignment. We have an in-house specialist orthodontist, Kostas Spathoulas, who will work with you to find the perfect teeth straightening treatment to suit your individual needs.

Whilst orthodontic treatment is seen as standard for children and teenagers these days, an increasing number of adults are also benefiting from using either braces or aligners to straighten their teeth.

We are always keen to point out the numerous benefits to be gained from teeth straightening at our Farnham dental clinic. Of course, there is the obvious aesthetic gain – improving the alignment of your teeth can boost your self-esteem and improve your interactions with other people in both the professional and personal spheres.

Depending on the nature of your orthodontic problem, you may find it difficult to bite and chew food. A restricted diet can have serious consequences for your long-term general health. Some cases of bruxism (night-time tooth clenching) can also be helped by treatment with braces or aligners to reposition your teeth.

It is also harder to keep crooked, crowded, or poorly aligned teeth clean. There are more areas where plaque can accumulate, and where it is difficult to clean efficiently at home. Straightening your teeth can therefore improve your dental health, reducing the chances of tooth decay and gum disease. If you have to wear braces for a considerable period, your hygienist will show you how to clean around them.

Farnham braces and aligners

We use both fixed braces and removable aligners at our Farnham dental clinic. Your orthodontist will discuss the most appropriate options to suit your needs during your initial consultation.

Among your options are:

Lingual braces

Suitable for a full range of orthodontic correction, these braces are affixed to the rear surfaces of the teeth, so are invisible in daily life.


This system of clear, removable aligners fit over your teeth to guide them into a new position. You change your aligner every fortnight.


A tooth-coloured brace system that acts, on average, in six months.