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FREE faster orthodontic consultation and whitening

April 01, 2016

Many adults would like straighter teeth. Overcrowded or gappy teeth can cause a range of problems, including difficulties with biting and chewing and keeping your teeth clean. Your self-confidence may be affected, and you may hide your teeth when you smile.

Cathleen Perrin offers a FREE faster orthodontic consultation to adults

Our dentist Cathleen Perrin offers a FREE faster orthodontic consultation to adults to determine if she can quickly straighten your teeth with a range of faster orthodontic systems*. These treatments focus on applying gentle pressure to move the front four to six teeth into the correct position, and offer a cost-effective, discreet and quicker way to straighten most adults’ teeth.

FREE teeth whitening if you proceed with faster orthodontic treatment in April*

During April, Cathleen is offering FREE teeth whitening if you accept and proceed with faster orthodontic treatment. Teeth whitening usually costs £495, which includes all appointments with your dentist, custom-made upper and lower mouth trays and a supply of teeth whitening gel to give you a brighter, whiter smile.

Call 01252 713797, email info@elmsleighhouse.co.uk or click here to book your free faster orthodontic consultation to find out if you are suitable for this quicker treatment; if you accept treatment during April you will be eligible for FREE teeth whitening*.

*You must be over 18 and suitable for faster orthodontic and teeth whitening treatments; this offer is not applicable to referred patients, where our usual fees apply.

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