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How to choose the best dentist for braces

February 02, 2017

Kostas Spathoulas is the Specialist in Orthodontics at Elmsleigh House offering an extensive range of bespoke braces to all ages; Cathleen Perrin offers anterior alignment orthodontics as a faster option to straighten most adults’ teeth; Sarah Francis offers teeth straightening with Invisalign, a clear and removable aligner.


Finding the perfect orthodontist or braces provider in Surrey can be difficult, especially with so many quality dentists to choose from. But choosing the right orthodontist for you or your child will make all the difference to your experience and results. 

So how do you decide? 

Follow the steps below and you’ll be sure to find the perfect provider - and get the beautiful smile you’ve been dreaming of.

Ask for recommendations & research online

Sifting through hundreds of online search results to find the perfect orthodontist in your area can be a mountainous task – save your online research for your shortlist! Start by asking your regular dentist for a recommendation, as they’ll know the best braces providers in your area. 

Then ask your friends, family or colleagues if they have any recommendations.  Most people know someone who’s had orthodontic treatment and will likely be more than happy to tell you about it. 

Once you have your shortlist, get on Google and Facebook and have a look to see what people are saying about them online – this will be key to your decision. 

Download our guide to customised orthodontics - bespoke teeth straightening for all ages

Choose an expert specialist - how to tell if they’re a specialist

It may seem obvious but when searching for a braces provider, in Surrey or otherwise, you’re going to want the most experienced practitioner available.  Certain orthodontic treatments like Invisalign can be performed by any dentist who has been trained.  An orthodontist however, must specialise for an additional 2 to 3 years to qualify.  They’ll have vastly greater experience, both in theory and practice, in straightening teeth. 

The best dental clinics will have dentists who are dedicated to performing customised orthodontic treatment (like our very own Specialist in orthodontics, Kostas Spathoulas).  Any reputable practice will be very forthcoming with information about the experience of their practitioners.

Make use of specific offers such as half price consultations

This gives your orthodontist the chance to do an assessment and discuss which treatments will give you the results you want.  But it’s also a great opportunity for you to get a feel for the practice. 

Pay attention to how the dentist treats you, and how the staff deal with other patients.  The facilities should also be very clean and make you feel comfortable.  Compare your experience with other clinics and see how they stack up against each other. 

Price and payment options

For many people, the cost of investing in braces can be a big obstacle.  Naturally then, one of the things to consider is price – but this doesn’t mean bargain hunting. Teeth aren’t the kind of thing you want to have to pay for twice! And remember that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Pay attention to what’s included in the price of your treatment, as often those offering lower prices will charge more for extras like x-rays, materials etc., which may even end up costing you more.

You’ll notice that many clinics at the premium end of the scale offer additional services and guarantees as part of your treatment, such as after-treatments, appointment guarantees and check-ups later down the line.

Your orthodontist should be open about the pricing of their treatments and how it breaks down. 

Many practices will also offer you financing options, such as staged payments, which are a lot more manageable than a credit card or loan. Once you have a feel for the pricing, you can decide which practice offers you the price and flexibility you need. 


Orthodontic check-ups can be as regular as once a month, so it’s important to consider the location of your chosen braces provider.  The last thing you want to be doing is driving (or even flying!) hundreds of miles to have your braces adjusted.

While it may well be worth travelling a little to see the right orthodontist, be realistic about the practicalities of it.  

When making your decision, don’t forget to think about how you feel about the practice and orthodontist. Did you feel at ease? Were you rushed? Were the staff available and polite?

Take your time making a decision and don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need. Orthodontics is an important investment, so you should always feel fully informed and 100% comfortable with the treatment process before you proceed.


To find out more, download our guide to customised orthodontics - bespoke teeth straightening for all ages


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