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How to speed up recovery from oral surgery

July 18, 2017

Preparing for oral surgery, including treatments such as dental implants, can be intimidating if you don’t know what to expect. Whether you’re having tooth extraction, wisdom teeth impaction, frenectomy (the removal of the connecting tissue in the mouth), periodontal surgery, bone reconstruction or dental implants, there are a few things you can do to ensure your recovery is as quick and painless as possible.

Like any surgical procedure, it’s going to take some aftercare and recovery time. The most important thing is to take 48–72 hours to rest and recover. Resting allows your body to heal faster, both in the short and long term. Taking this time off post surgery will pay off over the coming days and weeks.

What can you eat?

The burning question on every patient’s mind when recovering from oral surgery is, of course, “when and what can I eat?” The answer depends on how quickly you heal and how extensive the surgery was, but luckily most people are eating normally after the first few days. You’ll need to avoid solid foods for at least the first two days. We recommend hearty soups, juices, smoothies and soft pasta: as long as you choose food that requires limited chewing, you’ll be fine. After those initial few days, most patients find they can return to enjoying their favourite meals.

Massage the area around the surgery

An ice pack and massage can help speed up your recovery, relax the facial muscles and prevent swelling. Gently use your fingers to massage the area around the surgery with a circular motion. This helps relieve the muscle pain from having your jaw open during surgery, and increases circulation to the area. Just make sure you use a light touch: the tissue is sensitive and you don’t want to cause more pain by pressing too hard.

Don’t let your mouth dry out

Letting your mouth dry out can hinder the healing process. Remember to keep hydrated and drink plenty of fluids. At Elmsleigh House in Farnham, your dentist will provide you with the best advice following any surgery.

Keep your head elevated to avoid swelling

Don’t be surprised if the swelling peaks around the third day after surgery: this is normal. Just make sure your head and shoulders are raised above the level of your waist at all times, even when lying down. You can get a triangle shaped pillow for your bed, or just use your pillows to angle your upper body at around 45 degrees while you sleep. This will help keep swelling to a minimum.

Don’t let fear prevent you from getting the dental care you need

Depending on your particular case and the severity of your problem, you will be given a local anaesthetic for your procedure. For patients who are nervous or have lengthy treatments, we also offer a range of sedation options. From inhalation sedation to intravenous sedation, our options will ensure your visit will be comfortable and less stressful, enabling you to access the dental care you need. Our team is highly experienced in treating nervous patients, and we even get referrals from other dentists because of our expertise in this area.

Elmsleigh House ‘expertise’

At Elmsleigh House, our oral surgeons perform procedures with expertise and care. We offer tooth extraction, wisdom teeth impaction, frenectomy, periodontal surgery, bone reconstruction and dental implants in Farnham.

All treatments are performed in our clinic and delivered to the highest of standards.

If you are struggling with missing teeth, we are delighted to offer a half price dental implant consultation* to determine your treatment options.initial consultation with Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic today to receive the highest quality dental care in Surrey.

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