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Improve your look in Farnham with cosmetic dentistry

Written by Elmsleigh House | 03-Feb-2017 12:31:48

A visit to the dentist is not something most people look forward to. However cosmetic dentistry is changing that. Unlike general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry focuses on enhancing your smile with a variety of treatments targeting the appearance of your teeth and gums. If you're looking to rejuvenate your smile in Farnham, cosmetic dentistry at Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic is here to help.

What can cosmetic dentistry in Farnham do for you?

With advances in modern dentistry, the sheer number of cosmetic dental treatments available can seem overwhelming. With one of our experienced dentists, we will guide you through the various options available and which would be most appropriate to achieve the look you desire.

If stains and discolouration are ruining the look of your teeth, we offer teeth whitening to restore the natural gleam to your teeth. With this effective remedy, you can enjoy brighter whiter teeth in two to four weeks.

For a more permanent solution to stained teeth, as well as chips and slight misalignment, we offer porcelain veneers. These thin shells fit over the fronts of your teeth and are custom designed according to the colour, size and shape that will best compliment your smile. Our porcelain crowns can similarly restore a healthy look to decayed or cracked teeth.

To fill unsightly gaps between your teeth or smooth rough or chipped edges, we offer cosmetic bonding. A special material, colour-matched to the rest of your teeth, is shaped around your teeth for a seamless finish.
For crooked, crowded or gappy teeth, we also provide a range of braces. Leave the 'train track' look behind with our discreet, comfortable modern braces, which come in both fixed and removable varieties.

We not only handle teeth imperfections but also offer gum contouring. When too much gum covers your teeth, you can be left with a gummy smile and teeth that appear stubby. Gums that are too low however can expose too much of your teeth.  Adjusting your gum line can solve both of these problems.

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