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Practical advice for denture wearers

Written by Elmsleigh House | 13-Nov-2017 11:28:31
When we offer you a dental solution at Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic, we want it to enhance your life as much as possible. We do all we can to make your journey as smooth as possible. We also give you advice on how you can help yourself at each stage as well.

When you get dentures in Farnham with us, we support you from the first consultation to aftercare and beyond. If you have any issues with your tooth replacement solution, we want to be sure that you feel comfortable visiting us and getting things adjusted until your dentures are just right.


Deciding to get dentures in Farnham can offer you back some of the functionality of your normal teeth. The first thing we will do is make an assessment of the conditions in your mouth to see if you need full or partial dentures.

Partial dentures are for when you are able to keep some of your teeth while others need replacing. The missing teeth are mounted on a plate, which is held in place by brackets attached to your remaining teeth.

If you need to have teeth extracted in order to get your denture fitted, you may be provided with a temporary set of dentures for a while. This is because, after teeth are removed, gums tend to recede and change. This process needs to be finished before you are fitted for your permanent denture so that it fits properly.

The first few weeks

Dentures do require a period of adjustment. Your gums will need to get used to the gentle grip that is required to keep them in place. For a while, this has the potential to affect your speech. If you speak slower to begin with, you will soon adapt and be able to return to normal. Some patients find that a dental adhesive is useful in the early stages.

Long term

When you get dentures in Farnham, Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic will support you throughout the process. This means follow-up appointments to check that you are comfortable and adapting to your dentures. We can address any issues that you have using our extensive experience with this tooth replacement solution.

Frank Johnson is the Clinical Dental Technician at Elmsleigh House who makes dentures that look like your natural teeth and fit precisely, helping to create definition to your mouth and smile. Your quality of life will be improved, and you will be able to eat, talk and laugh with confidence in your secure replacement teeth.

Frank offers a FREE denture consultation to determine the best solution for you. He will guide you in selecting the best denture for you, from a range of options including natural-looking full or partial dentures. Frank will take time and care to ensure you will be completely happy with the look, fit and function of your new denture.

It may be that a solution for you would be to stabilise your denture with dental implants. The dental implant team at Elmsleigh House has over 28 years experience placing dental implants to securely replace missing teeth; in fact, other dentists refer their patients to Elmsleigh House for dental implants and other complex treatments because of their excellent results.

Whether you have one, many or all your teeth missing, the team at Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic will find a solution for you, restoring your confidence in your teeth and smile.

For further information or to book your free denture consultation, call the Welcome team on 01252 713797, email info@elmsleighhouse.co.uk or click here to request an appointment online.