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Replace your missing teeth with quality dentures in Farnham

Written by Elmsleigh House | 10-Jul-2017 15:09:02

Long before the invention of dental implants, dentures were used extensively for tooth replacement. Archaeological evidence suggests that the ancient Egyptians used human teeth connected by gold wire in order to create a functioning albeit primitive set of false teeth. The Etruscans and the Mayans used animal teeth instead, a practice which survived up to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Dentures, as we know them, were first created in the 19th century. However, these dentures were made of hardened rubber, whereas modern dentures are made of acrylic resin and porcelain.

At Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic in Farnham, dentures are a cost-effective solution for patients who have lost most or all of their teeth. Our high-quality dentures in Farnham are created by Frank Johnson, our in-practice clinical dental technician. We offer 2 different types of removable dentures premier dentures and essential dentures.

Your options

Premier dentures are carefully handmade with high quality materials to replicate real teeth as closely as possible. Working from special measurements, photographs and digital imaging technology, our technician will ensure your new teeth look and feel natural.

Essential dentures, on the other hand, are more basic and ideal for patients who wish to restore their bite. These dentures are made of a strong acrylic base topped with hard plastic teeth. The acrylic is resistant to breakage and staining, therefore, you will enjoy your new teeth for years. Essential dentures are faster to make and more affordable.

Frank will help you select the best option for your individual needs, and will take the time and care to ensure you are completely happy with the look, fit and function of your new teeth.

If you are considering dental implants for a permanent solution but find them too costly, we may recommend denture stabilisation with implants. This process is less expensive than regular dental implants and involves the placement of 2 to 4 mini implants in the jawbone for supporting your denture. Denture stabilisation will secure your dentures firmly into the jawbone and keep your bone tissue strong and healthy for years to come.

Get in touch

To learn more about dentures in Farnham and explore all your tooth replacement options, please contact our practice today.

Our clinical dental technician, Frank Johnson, offers a free denture consultation to assess your needs and determine the best option for you.

For further information or to book an appointment, call the Welcome team on 01252 713797, email info@elmsleighhouse.co.uk or click here to request an appointment online.