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Stabilise your dentures with dental implants

Written by Elmsleigh House | 18-May-2016 11:00:47

Dentures remain an excellent way for a dentist to replace some or all of your natural teeth. At Farnhamdental practice Elmsleigh House, we offer the latest cosmetic dentures, which will look and function very much like natural teeth. Often, we find that the best option is to stabilise your dentures with dental implants, which helps to negate common problems experienced by conventional denture wearers.

Farnham dentures

At Elmsleigh House in Farnham, all of our dentures are created by our Clinical Dental Technician, Frank Johnson. He will ensure that your new teeth are comfortable and well-fitting, as well as entirely natural-looking. Whatever your requirements, and your budget, Frank will take the time to provide you with the perfect, bespoke solution, so that you will have confidence in your teeth and your smile once more.

The two denture solutions at our Farnhamdental practice are:

1) Premier Dentures: Handmade to create an entirely realistic smile, these teeth will look so natural hardly anyone will know you have a denture. Utilising old photographs, digital imaging, and special measurements, Frank will create you an incredibly realistic set of false teeth.

2) Essential Dentures: Comprising hard plastic teeth on a strong acrylic base, these teeth have an excellent track record for resistance to breakage and staining. Three layers of resin is used to construct each tooth, resulting in a natural appearance and durable function.

Dental implants for denture stabilisation

For a truly realistic looking and acting set of new teeth, the team at our Farnham practice advise using dental implants to stabilise your dentures.

Implants are the only way to replace the roots of your missing teeth, helping to prevent the problem of bone resorbtion that results from having several or all of your natural teeth missing, and causes many of the problems experienced by conventional denture-wearers, such as issues with speech and with diet as your new teeth becoming increasingly loose.

The placement of implants requires minor oral surgery, which is undertaken using either local anaesthetic or sedation at our Farnham clinic. Special attachments are then used to attach your denture to your implants.