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Stabilising dentures with dental implants

August 17, 2016

Dentures remain a popular way to replace missing teeth. At Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic in Farnham we find that the ideal solution to multiple tooth loss or losing all your teeth is to stabilise your denture using dental implants. That way, you can be assured that your new teeth will stay in place at all times.

Dentists have been using dentures of one form or another for many centuries. The modern versions offered by our Farnham dental clinic are very realistic in terms of action and function, and in many cases people won’t even realise you are wearing false teeth.

We have a dedicated Clinical Dental Technician at Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic, and we welcome patients from Farnham and beyond who are looking for highly realistic dentures. Frank Johnson will ensure that your new teeth look entirely natural, and that they function very much like natural teeth too.

Farnham dentures: your treatment options

Frank Johnson offers two options for patients requiring dentures:

Essential dentures

Comprising a strong acrylic base with hard, plastic teeth attached, this denture option is resistant to both breakage and discolouration. Every tooth is individually crafted out of three layers of resin, with natural-looking results.

Premier dentures

For this option, Frank uses old photos, digital imaging, and a range of special measurements to hand-make your new teeth. Many patients who have chosen this option report that others don’t even realise they aren’t natural teeth.

Denture stabilisation

To help preserve your jaw bone, and give added stability to your denture, we recommend using dental implants to keep your new teeth in place.

Implants replace the root portions of lost teeth, and form a strong bond with your jaw bone that is akin to that of a natural tooth root.

Your denture will be attached to your implants using a range of special fixtures, meaning that there is no danger of denture slippage. So long as you look after them and visit our Farnham clinic for regular follow-up appointments, your implants and the dentures attached to them should last you many years – perhaps even for the rest of your life.


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