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Surrey orthodontics success stories and testimonials

Written by Elmsleigh House | 08-Feb-2017 15:20:08


Over the years, our dentists have treated over 5,000 patients, and are trusted by more than 500 local dentists to perform complex and specialist procedures for their patients.

If you ask any of our team what they love the most about working at Elmsleigh House, they’ll say it’s seeing the way a new smile transforms our patients’ lives.

There’s nothing quite like watching someone see the results of their treatment for the first time. 

We’ve had excited smiles, stunned silences, and we’ve even had tears (of joy of course!). 

More importantly though, we’ve seen the way that having great teeth has improved our patients’ lives, from increased confidence to simply being able to eat the foods they love. 

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how essential a part of our lives teeth play.  But when you see the look of wonder on a patient’s face when they realise they can have their life back in full, it’s hard to ignore.

We’ve had some incredible stories over the years and today we’d like to share some lovely reviews, told in the patient’s own words.

Mrs C is delighted with her daughter’s braces!

“Kostas is highly skilled in fitting the hi-tech brace system that my overly self-conscious daughter didn’t want! It is hardly noticeable and is doing its job much quicker than anticipated. So a huge ‘thank you‘ to him!“ Mrs C, Surrey.

Click to watch Kostas talk about his range of bespoke braces offered.


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Some more patients who are happy with the exceptional level of care and treatment at Elmsleigh House:

"A visit to Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic, is no less than a trip to the "beauty therapist"!!! A1 service and care, with A1 results and comfort ... truly a pleasure!!!" Annette.

"I have been a patient for some years now and always receive a lovely warm welcome
from the minute I walk in through the door to the time I leave.

Cathleen is my dentist and Ellen my hygienist and with their care, treatment has been
minimal. I work hard at cleaning and maintaining their good work.

I love the SmileMore emails and have followed some of their video links on how to
brush your teeth and other hot tips
" Diana.

"I have been attending the Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic for the last 5 years,
and I cannot praise their service highly enough.  I hated the dentist, though tried to go
regularly, and when my dentist relocated, I had a lot of trouble about finding another. 
Then a friend recommended Elmsleigh, so I went there, and was greeted in a really
friendly manner, sat in a lovely soothing reception area, and was treated by both
hygienist and dentist so kindly and gently, that by the time I went for my longer
treatments, I was so comfortable, I fell asleep in the chair! 
So I have no hesitation in recommending them to any possible new patients
" Ms B.

Click to watch one of our happy patients talk about their experience at Elmsleigh House.


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