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Teeth straightening with braces in Farnham

Written by Elmsleigh House | 17-May-2017 07:13:06
Crooked, crowded and misaligned teeth can undermine your confidence, affect your willingness to smile and ultimately upset your personal and social life. Fortunately, dentistry has come a long way and modern braces can help you achieve beautifully straight teeth and confidence to smile more.

At Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic in Farnham, braces are employed to fix a number of different conditions using different techniques. Our specialist in orthodontics, Dr Kostas Spathoulas, will assess the state of your teeth or your childs teeth and determine whether you need teeth straightening treatment. A thorough assessment can help treat problems early on and reduce any future complications. Kostas will determine the root of the problem and create a customised orthodontic plan, including all costs involved.

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Braces in Farnham are a viable option for patients who wish to straighten crooked and misaligned teeth, remove gaps between their teeth, fix crowded or protruding teeth or eliminate any bite problems. Children can benefit from fixed, metal braces, whereas adults can take advantage of more discreet teeth straightening treatments.

Damon braces

Damon braces are just like conventional metal braces with the exception that they allow us to bring your teeth into their position with lighter forces and less pain involved. Unlike traditional braces, Damon braces are very lightweight and can be used for children, teenagers or adults. They do not require the extraction of permanent teeth and allow space for permanent teeth to emerge in children. With Damon braces, teeth are able to slide along the arch wires with less friction, thus speeding up tooth movement. This allows us to achieve great results in as little as nine months.

Incognito lingual braces

Incognito lingual braces are made of individually crafted cast-gold brackets, which are fixed behind your teeth. They can treat different types of misalignment  from mild to complex  and are ideal for patients who do not like the aesthetic effects of traditional braces.


Invisalign custom-made, removable aligners are transparent and help move your teeth into their correct position over a specific period of time. Invisalign aligners are removable and can be taken out to brush your teeth and eat; however, they have to be worn at least 22 hours per day for effective treatment.

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