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10 things you may or may not know about dental braces and removable braces

Written by Elmsleigh House | 15-Feb-2017 13:08:19


You may know that removable braces exist, but unless you have ever worn them, that may well be as far as your knowledge of them extends.

Here at Elmsleigh House, we thought you might like to know a bit more about removable braces, particularly as either you or another member of your family might be able to benefit from their use.

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  1. In 1728 Pierre Fauchard, a French dentist, was credited with inventing the first modern dental braces that could be used for straightening teeth. Fauchard used a contraption called a "Bandeau", which was a horseshoe-shaped piece of iron. We are pleased to say that today fixed and removable braces are appreciably sleeker in design, as well as being much more comfortable to wear!
  2. It is a common misconception that removable braces are for children and teenagers, not adults, and that they are only effective while the body, mouth and teeth are still developing. The reason more youths than adults wear removable braces is because their dentist has recommended dealing with the problem of teeth straightening from an early age. As a result, most adults who may require their teeth aligning could well have already have done so when they were much younger. If you didn’t have this procedure when you were younger, it is never too late. To find out if you could benefit from fixed dental braces and/or removable braces, the easiest way is to contact us and book a consultation.
  3. The length of time you may need to wear fixed or removable braces will depend very much on the level of adjustment to your teeth need. In general terms, adults will usually wear fixed braces for longer periods of time than children, as their teeth are more firmly embedded. This means an adult may have to wear braces for between 18 months and three years, while for children the time scale is more usually between six months and two years. It will also depend on the type of treatment you have, as some treatments are designed to work much faster than others, by only focusing on a smaller number of visible teeth.
  4. Removable braces are often used after wearing fixed braces, and are used more frequently without the need for fixed dental braces where the amount of tooth alignment is minor. As a result, if your dentist advises that you will need to wear a dental brace for a small adjustment to your teeth, the chances are that it will be a removable brace, especially if the alignment adjustment is for your upper teeth.
  5. If you are wondering what to do at night, it is perfectly safe and usual to continue to wear your removable braces when you go to bed. In fact, in some cases, removable braces should only be worn at night.
  6. Removable braces are removable for a reason, and that reason is convenience. While you may have been advised to wear your removable braces 24/7, that doesn’t mean you can’t remove them at mealtimes or when you want to brush your teeth.
  7. If you are wondering about the cost of removable braces, the best way to get a precise idea is by visiting an orthodontist. Everyone is unique and there is a wide choice of removable braces and treatment options available. We are more than happy to discuss all your options and prices when you come and see us for your consultation.
  8. Removable braces are very easy to keep clean. You can use a separate toothbrush and just brush them gently in clean water. Additionally, you can purchase a specific brace-cleaning solution and bath, which you can use once a week to soak your braces in. It is important to mention that you should remove your braces every time you brush your teeth, and you should never use toothpaste to clean them, as it is too abrasive.
  9. According to the NHS, over 200,000 adults and children in England and Wales started orthodontic treatment last year. It is an extremely common procedure, so do not feel that there is something ‘terribly wrong’ with your teeth if it is recommended you wear fixed or removable braces.
  10. Finally, there is no need to be self-conscious if you have to wear removable braces. Some celebrities are happy to embrace theirs and wear them as a fashion accessory. If Tom Cruise can wear them and still have a beaming smile, then so can you!

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