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Cosmetic bonding to give a symmetrical smile

  Mrs H wanted to improve the appearance of her smile without any invasive treatment and w...

National Smile Month promotes a healthy mouth

May sees Spring in full blossom as we burst into summer and welcome the warmer weather and...

Cosmetic dentistry to restore a smile


Protect your teeth at Easter!

As we indulge in chocolate treats this Easter, we must be mindful of our dental health. Th...

A referral to improve a smile: whitening, bridge ...

Avoid staining food during cosmetic treatments

We advise patients who have temporary plastic crowns, tooth-coloured braces and attachment...

Your patient journey 2022

We continue to work with enhanced safety protocols Since June 2020 we have treated patient...

Five implants restored Ms D's missing teeth

Ms D came to us in 2014 when her dentist retired. He had told her that there was bone loss...

Resolve to look after your teeth in 2022!

Research has shown that many people visit a dentist only when they have a problem and avoi...

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