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Some of the team at Elmsleigh House go Nuts!

Written by Elmsleigh House | 17-Sep-2015 16:32:46


On Saturday 5 September, some of the team at Elmsleigh House rose early with trepidation as they were taking on the Nuts challenge!

The brave team consisted of dental nurses Edina, Krisztina and Izzie, dentist Cathleen, hygienist Gill and our new recruit, Robyn from the Welcome team, as well as some partners and friends for support.

The Nuts challenge is a fun but tough course covering around 7k of obstacles; from running and crawling through water and mud to climbing hay bales and mud slides, it was certainly an experience for all!

Everyone completed it with support from the team, and all had an amazing time. Despite a few aches the next day, the team are keen to do it again next year!