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Love the smile you wear

Written by Elmsleigh House | 01-Sep-2017 09:17:30
At Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic, cosmetic dentistry in Farnham is available to patients who wish to enhance their smile. Whether its a subtle flaw in your teeth that's been irritating you for years or a more significant dental issue that is dampening your confidence entirely, there is sure to be a solution.

A healthier, happier you

When focussing on the benefits of cosmetic dentistry in Farnham to improve your self-esteem, we also consider how it could affect and improve your oral health. The cosmetic dental solution will improve both issues.

We provide traditional and discreet teeth straightening treatments for patients who feel embarrassed by their crossbite, misaligned or crowded teeth. It may be that you want to keep your smile secret because you hate revealing your teeth. Whatever your choice of teeth straightening treatment, youll never want to stop showing off your smile after its over. Not only that, but any problems with chewing will be resolved, so you can go back to enjoying your favourite foods.

When braces arent always suitable, we may recommend that you consider porcelain veneers for chipped or crooked teeth, or to fill in the gaps between the neighbouring teeth. These thin, custom-made pieces of porcelain cover the front of your teeth to make them wider or longer. Porcelain crowns, which similarly work to cover weak, decayed or broken teeth, can replace discoloured fillings to give you that modern smile.

As a non-intrusive form of cosmetic dentistry in Farnham, cosmetic bonding and teeth reshaping is a treatment that uses the latest tooth-coloured materials to fill small gaps between your teeth or smooth over rough or chipped edges. Your teeth could have worn edges, shallow pits or grooves, or may be slightly overlapping; cosmetic bonding and teeth reshaping can minimise these small defects by smoothing the surface of the tooth to create a uniform and straighter smile.

Wanting a whiter smile?

It may be that you have the straightest teeth, but you feel they are a little too yellow for your liking. Perhaps the effects of coffee, smoking or certain foods have taken their toll and you feel the need to brighten and whiten your smile. For cosmetic dentistry in Farnham, we provide teeth whitening treatment to achieve a whiter, brighter smile without damaging your teeth. You even get to choose the shade!

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