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New teeth, new you

Written by Elmsleigh House | 11-Sep-2017 12:21:08

If you are missing some or all of your teeth, it can be difficult to decide on a solution when considering what would be most comfortable and cost-effective for you. At Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic - a private dentists in Farnham, Surrey - we encourage all of our patients to choose whatever suits them best, as we understand that every patient is unique. It might be that you dread the thought of receiving dental implants, in which case we provide secure dentures in Farnham.

A natural-looking replacement

Our Farnham dentures appear and function like natural teeth. Our clinical dental technician, Frank Johnson, makes high-quality dentures to snugly fit the mouth of every individual patient. The dentures he creates appear precisely like natural teeth, so no one will notice the difference.

Once you get used to wearing your dentures, they will fit securely enough for you to be able to smile with confidence and enjoy your food and drink without having to worry.

Your comfort first

Dentures in Farnham also provide patients with the chance to replace several missing teeth, without having to deal with the fear of discomfort from other procedures.

Frank offers two high-quality, removable types of dentures for Farnham patients:

  • Premier Farnham dentures, which are carefully handmade to reproduce your smile. Working from special measurements, old photographs and digital imaging, Frank will ensure your new teeth will look so natural that others will probably not even notice you are wearing dentures.
  • Essential Farnham dentures, which comprise hard plastic teeth on a strong acrylic base that have excellent stain and breakage resistance. Each tooth is individually constructed from three layers of resin to create a natural appearance.

Frank will guide you in selecting the best denture for you, and will take time and care to ensure you will be completely happy with the look, fit and function of your replacement teeth.

The cleaner the dentures, the brighter the smile

Having dentures is all about maintaining your own dental hygiene, and you are able to remove them to give them a thorough clean. It’s a good idea to soak them overnight to give your gums a breather.

Just as it would with natural teeth, neglecting your hygiene regimen can result in bad breathe, tooth decay and gum disease. But as long as you look after your brand-new smile, it will certainly look after you. One of our friendly hygienists can take you through the motions, showing you how to best take care of your denture and gums.

Click here to listen to Gill, one of our hygienists at Elmsleigh House, talk about how to keep your teeth clean.

If you are considering dentures in Farnham, book a FREE consultation with Frank Johnson, our Clinical Dental Technician, to find out more about the possibility of getting a brand new, natural-looking smile.

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