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Dental implant reviews

Written by Elmsleigh House | 22-Mar-2017 12:40:48

As you may know, Elmsleigh House has been placing implants with expertise for nearly three decades.

 We’ve had all sorts of cases here, from lingering childhood injuries to completely new smiles for weddings, with thousands of frustrated denture-wearers in between.

One of the best part of our job is when our patients come back and tell us how their implants have changed their lives.

And so we thought we’d share some of our recent ones with you:


My implant was fitted before university, meaning I could start this new chapter in my life with a smile I was proud of


“After losing my front tooth at the age of 14 in a dental mishap, I was left with not only a gap in my smile, but a gap in my confidence. The treatment at Elmsleigh was both professional and personal every step of the way. Despite the stress and trauma I’d experienced previously with dental care, I felt at ease and reassured throughout.
Tim was able to fit my final implant before I left for university, meaning I could start this new chapter in my life with a smile I was proud of. Elmsleigh restored my trust in dentists, and I would like to express my profound gratitude!”  Miss Khan, Surrey.


At my review I was hard pushed to remember which tooth was my implant!


“My first implant was last summer at Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic, and I am still astonished at how comfortable the whole procedure that Tim performed was.

Not only was it totally painless (honestly!) but the fit was perfect and within days I'd ceased to notice it. So much so, that when I was invited for the check up last month, I was hard pushed to remember which tooth it was.

From start to finish I was given clear information about the procedure and the pricing, all in a very relaxed environment. I cannot recommend the clinic highly enough”  Mr Stewart, Surrey.

It is the best money I have ever, ever spent – definitely!


I broke my front two teeth in a sledging accident when I was 10. Over the years I had crowns, which were replaced several times, but my gums receded and problems worsened.

My teeth didn’t fit properly and I looked horrible. I’m a coward with needles so continued to put up with my teeth [but] I couldn’t bite – not even a soft piece of bread.

I realised I needed to do something, so my dentist referred me to Elmsleigh House. Tim knew how nervous I was, and knew I hated needles, so he offered me gas and air, which was brilliant. I don’t remember having four teeth removed and certainly didn’t feel any pain – I immediately looked better when I came out than when I went in!

It is the best money I have ever, ever spent – definitely! I was so ashamed of my teeth – I would always cover my mouth and wouldn’t even smile. Now I smile with confidence!

Everyone at Elmsleigh makes you feel very very special. No one should ever suffer – everyone can change their teeth for the better!”  Mrs Quicke, Hampshire


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One of the best things I have ever done


I thought I would give you a quick summary ten days in from replacing my teeth with immediate implants. The conclusion is quite simple 'One of the best things I have ever done. Feel great and look a lot better'!

I did experience swelling and soreness afterwards, which I alleviated with ice packs and rest. However, by the time I returned to work five days after the operation, I could not stop smiling with a new set of gnashers! For ten years I had always hidden my teeth. They have never appeared in a photo as I was so embarrassed about them.

I’m having my first check-up this week. The stitches are starting to dissolve.

No swelling, no pain. I’m just so pleased I had it done – and wish I had done it years ago. Expensive but worth every penny. And as I said earlier, Tim is fantastic and gives me every confidence!”  Mr Grant, Surrey.


Now at the age of 80 my implants are as good as ever


“Many years ago I lost four teeth in my upper jaw. My dentist mentioned that Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic was fitting implants, so I put myself in Tim’s care and how pleased I am that I did. I was warmly welcomed to the surgery, my anxiety vanished and at no time did I experience any discomfort. That was 20 years ago – now at the age of 80 my implants are as good as ever, allowing me to enjoy all types of food and feel confident when I smile. Thank you Tim and Elmsleigh House staff”  Mrs Shelton, Surrey.


Tim’s calmness and experience with dealing with nervous patients is fantastic!


As a child I was very anxious about going to the dentist as my parents never went. This fear has stayed with me, with a feeling that I wanted to be knocked out to even go to the dentists! Over the years I have had many problems with my teeth, meaning that I needed implants.

When I came to see Tim, his explanation of the process still left me with nervousness about how much pain I would have. I was very nervous on the morning of the implants. Once I had the fluid Tim gave me [oral sedation], I felt great! From that point on I didn't feel a thing!

Tim's calmness and experience with dealing with nervous patients is fantastic! When I went home I had no problems with the implants, and am so pleased I have had this done.

So if anyone is anxious about dental treatment, I want to tell them not to worry as Tim's calmness and experience is fantastic! After years of having problems with my teeth I can see that by the end of the year I will have finished my implant treatment and have new teeth that will last. I now no longer hide my smile and laugh with my hand, and am delighted with my new teeth! Thanks to Tim and the team!Mr Chandler, Hampshire

Dental implants were used to stabilise my denture

I had worn a partial denture for years, which of course had support from adjoining teeth, but that had had an adverse affect on my own teeth and it started to become quite loose.

I thought my dental technician might be able to help me. He had a look at my mouth and decided that I could possibly do with implants. My first reaction was but surely I’m too old for that and he said no, not at all, you are healthy. He introduced me to Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic and we took it from there.

In March I finally had my new denture. It was very stable and within a couple of days I felt like I had been using it forever”  Mrs Pullen, Hampshire.


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Watch some of our patients talk about their dental implant treatment: