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“Elmsleigh House Implant Clinic has restored one of the most important qualities in life - the joy of eating! Historically, I had an accident many years ago, which resulted in the loss of two front teeth. These were crowned with the available technology in the 1960s, but had to be replaced many times over the years. Eventually another tooth needed to be extracted and subsequently a three-tooth bridge was fitted. Several years later a further tooth failed on the opposite side and I needed a four-tooth bridge, which ultimately became loose. My then dentist explained that he could help me no further and that I would need a full denture for the rest of my life. No way did I want this!

I was aware of implants, began extensive research into the best way forward, and was fortunate enough to find Tim Thackrah at Elmsleigh House Implant Clinic.

From my initial consultation Tim filled me with confidence and he drew up a detailed treatment plan starting with a bone scan, jawbone augmentation at the time of the implant, and a continuous explanation of the necessary healing/recovery intervals in order to achieve completion of my programme in five or six months.

Every single stage was reviewed thoroughly with me so that I fully understood each treatment phase. Everything progressed smoothly with no pain or soreness. I was never in any doubt that my objective would be achieved.

My total confidence in Tim has been 100% correct and I am now able to smile and show a perfect set of teeth.

Time has now restored my ability to eat anything at all for the rest of my life!”

Mr R, Hampshire

“Many thanks to you and Hans and all the team at the Elmsleigh for the excellent treatment I have received over the past months.

I am extremely pleased with the results after the gum surgery, the regeneration is amazing, all of the fillings have been excellent and painless; i never thought I would see the day I enjoyed going to the dentist.

I will be recommending your services to all of those I come into contact with and proudly showing off my new gums!”

Ms H, Surrey

“Dear Tim, I thought you might be wondering how I feel about my new smile? I want you to know that I am extremely pleased with the colour and shape of the teeth. The fact that i’ve had no comments or questions from friends and family is testimony to your unrivalled professionalism and an enormous relief for me.

I am endlessly grateful to you for patiently looking after me all these years, you probably can’t imagine what it means for a dental-phobic like me to find a dentist who will take care of all my current and potential problems, it gives me the confidence for the future.”

Mrs M, Hampshire

“I am absolutely delighted with the final results of my nine implants, and without seeming to be overdramatic, really do feel that i have been given my life back.

Throughout the course of my treatment, you and your staff handled the procedures with the utmost professionalism and treated me with such consideration and kindness that I have total confidence in Elmsleigh and the success of the operation from the early days.

I am extremely grateful to you, many, many thanks.”

Mrs S, Surrey

“Having lost most of my teeth at an early age I struggled with dentures for many years. With time the bone shrunk and the dentures became loose and more difficult to cope with, particularly the lower set that seemed to constantly move.

At the age of 60 I decided to research implants, and the team at Elmsleigh House were confident they could help me.

In 2004 I was fitted with five implants in my lower jaw and a permanent denture. The difference that has made to my life is amazing. Things that I once wouldn’t have been able to eat are no longer a problem. I have more confidence because it is comfortable and I no longer worry about my floating denture while I speak. In short, I wish I had had this procedure years ago.

Throughout my treatment, the care and the concern of the Elmsleigh team has been wonderful, always explaining exactly what was happening and why. The after care continues with yearly check-ups and a professional clean to ensure I have no problems.

I can’t express just how delighted I am with my implants and the team at Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic.”

Mrs W, Hampshire

“I have always feared the dentist, but Elmsleigh House was recommended to me! From day one coming to Elmsleigh House was a pleasurable experience, not only is everyone very pleasant, efficient and personable, but the treatment was excellent, skillful and carried out with great care. The whole procedure was explained with great clarity before any work was undertaken and a cost plan provided prior to treatment.

Cathleen, you were amazing, you would not carry out any treatment you don’t believe in or think is necessary. I am so pleased with the results and would not hesitate to recommend Cathleen Perrin and the Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic to anyone seeking top-quality dental care.”

Mrs I, Surrey

“Dear Tim… thank you and Hans so much for the successful implants, which have certainly improved my life.

I can now smile with confidence that the gaps are filled. These three teeth ‘implanted’ feel more comfortable than my own, and within one day of you fitting them. It is such a pleasure to be able to eat properly after months of ‘soft’ foods.

I am so grateful to you and Hans, whose skills succeeded despite the ‘bone loss’ in my jaw. How I wish my dentist had suggested implants as an option; or I had heard of you sooner.

Thank you both, and your dental nurses, for giving me back my smile and ability to chew!”

Mrs P, Surrey


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