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Faster orthodontics offer a quicker solution for most adults with anterior alignment systems such as Cfast and Clear Aligners.

Using clear orthodontic brackets fixed onto your teeth and joined with a nickel-titanium wire, these faster systems exert gentle pressure to move the front four to six teeth discreetly and efficiently into position, usually in around 6–9 months.

Cathleen Perrin is our dentist with expertise in anterior alignment orthodontics, and offers a free consultation to adults to determine if this would be suitable for you. She will then arrange to take impressions of your teeth, digital photographs and any necessary x-rays to start your faster orthodontic treatment.

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Whether to overcome crowding or gappy teeth, protruding front teeth or gummy smiles, Cfast and Clear Aligners are able to substantially reduce the length of treatment time normally associated with orthodontics, while remaining kind and safe to your teeth. Once your teeth have been straightened, a removable or fixed retainer will be fitted to hold them in place.

To arrange a FREE faster orthodontic consultation with Cathleen to determine if this is a suitable solution for you, contact the Welcome Team on 01252 713797 or click here to request an appointment online.

If you decide to go ahead with faster anterior alignment orthodontic treatment, Cathleen will arrange to take digital photographs, impressions of your teeth and any necessary x-ray pictures.

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