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Faster orthodontics

Many adults would like straighter teeth. Overcrowded or gappy teeth can cause a range of problems, including difficulties with biting and chewing and keeping your teeth clean. Your self-confidence may be affected, and you may hide your teeth when you smile.

Most adults are suitable for our faster anterior alignment orthodontic systems, Cfast and Inman Aligner, which can substantially reduce the length of treatment time while remaining kind and safe to teeth. Both treatments focus on applying gentle pressure to move the front four to six teeth into the correct position, and offer a cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing way to straighten most adults’ teeth.

Our dentist Cathleen Perrin offers a FREE faster anterior alignment orthodontic consultation to adults to determine if this is a suitable solution for you.

Cfast braces

  • Discreet, fixed system
  • Clear orthodontic brackets fixed onto the teeth and joined with a nickel-titanium wire to exert gentle pressure
  • Can be used to treat more severe crowding, protruding front teeth and gummy smiles
  • Should not affect your speech or eating
  • Treatment takes around six to nine months
  • Once straightened, a fixed retainer is fitted behind the teeth to hold them in place.
  • Click to watch Cathleen straighten Emily's teeth with discreet Cfast braces in only six months!

Inman Aligner

  • Removable appliance with two clear plastic aligning bars that fit over your front teeth to align crowded or protruding front teeth with gentle pressure
  • Easy to use and can be removed for eating or brushing teeth
  • Speech may be affected at first, but this will pass
  • Should be worn for 20 hours per day
  • Average treatment time of just six to sixteen weeks.
  • Once your teeth have been straightened, a fixed retainer is fitted behind the teeth to hold them in place.

To arrange a FREE faster orthodontic consultation with Cathleen to determine if this is a suitable solution for you, contact the Welcome Team on 01252 713797 or email info@elmsleighhouse.co.uk. If you decide to go ahead with faster anterior alignment orthodontic treatment, Cathleen will arrange to take digital photographs, impressions of your teeth and any necessary x-ray pictures.

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