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We understand how the loss of all your natural teeth can impact on your life. As well as affecting daily activities, such as eating, talking and laughing, losing your teeth can also lower your self-esteem. The dentures we make will look like your natural teeth and fit precisely, helping to create definition to your mouth and smile. Your quality of life will be improved, and you will be able to eat, talk and laugh with confidence in your secure replacement teeth.

Bill Sharpling dentures in FarnhamAll our dentures are designed, made and fitted by Bill Sharpling, Clinical Dental Technician (CDT), who brings his extensive expertise in implant-stabilised and removable dentures to Elmsleigh House; click to read our blog welcoming Bill and find out more. 

Book a free denture consultation

Your initial denture consultation with Bill Sharpling is complimentary; it gives you the chance to meet Bill, who will listen to your concerns, discuss your needs and make a thorough examination of your mouth. Bill will determine the best denture option for you, with consideration of your health, cosmetic and financial needs.

To book your free denture consultation with Bill Sharpling in Farnham, call 01252 713797 or click to request a callback online. 

Quality dentures that fit precisely

Bill offers a range of denture options to his patients in Farnham:

  • Premier dentures, which are carefully handmade to reproduce your smile. Working from special measurements, old photographs and digital imaging, Bill will ensure your new teeth look so natural that others will probably not even notice you are wearing dentures
  • Essential dentures, which comprise hard plastic teeth on a strong acrylic base that have excellent stain and breakage resistance. Each tooth is individually constructed from three layers of resin to create a natural appearance.
  • Denture stabilisation with implants, which are used to securely hold your denture in place. Essentially 'bionic roots', these small titanium screws are inserted in your jaw bone, keeping it strong and healthy. Two implants are usually placed to secure a lower denture; three to four to secure an upper denture. You can remove your denture for cleaning, and attach it securely in place with no need for denture adhesive.

Bill will guide you in selecting the best denture for you, and will take time and care to ensure you will be completely happy with the look, fit and function of your replacement teeth.

We also have a dental implant team that offer a more permanent solution that ensures your jaw bone is preserved; dental implants look, feel and act like your natural teeth, and last. 

Bespoke sports Mouthguards offer protection

Whether it’s a mouthguard to protect against damage from contact or non-contact sports, book an appointment with Bill Sharpling at Elmsleigh House. Bill will ensure your professionally made and custom-fitted sports mouthguard fits your teeth and mouth precisely, offering so much more protection than 'off the shelf' guards. Click here to read our mouthguard blog.

Mouthguard Bill Sharpling at Elmsleigh HouseBill offers bespoke sports mouthguards that can include the wearer's name, school colours or colours of choice, and can even include logos or branding.

Costs include two 30-minute consultations; the first for impressions and the second to fit and collect your mouthguard - £150 for a standard guard that includes the wearer's name; £160 for a coloured guard (more if multiple colours); and £170 for a guard with logos or branding.

Call to book on 01252 713797 or contact us online via the link below.


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