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Our Farnham dental clinic has been providing private dentistry for more than 25 years. As a Surrey dentist we offer a range of treatments, including: dental implants; implant-stabilised dentures; dentures; tooth whitening; veneers; porcelain crowns; tooth-coloured composite fillings; root canal treatments; endodontic treatment; therapy for gum disease; periodontal treatment; dental hygiene; tooth extractions; oral surgery and sedation for nervous patients.

Our team of dentists includes: Tim Thackrah; Birgitta Henrikson; Anders Hjort; Hans-Deiter John; Cathleen Perrin; Hugh Cowley; Hania Baranowska and Rhiannon Cole. Our dentists are aided by our five highly-trained dental nurses and the Welcome Team who manage reception and the waiting area.

Our Farnham dental clinic has been based at 6 Station Hill for more than 25 years. We have over 1,200 patients of all ages, who regularly depend upon us for their general and family dentistry. Patients travel from all over Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire to be treated at our clinic, and more than 500 other dental practices refer their own patients to us for more complex dental treatments including: dental implants; implant-stabilised dentures; dentures; tooth extraction; root canal or endodontic treatment and therapy for gum disease, also referred to as periodontal treatment.

Nowadays many of our patients are asking us about cosmetic dentistry. Using tried and tested techniques we can transform smiles in our dental clinic near Guildford: straightening crooked teeth; whitening teeth; covering stained or chipped teeth with veneers; replacing silver fillings with tooth-coloured fillings; and filling gaps with tooth-coloured composite. If you decide to enhance your smile with cosmetic dentistry you can be confident that we will never recommend any treatment which could cause unnecessary damage to healthy teeth. Our main priority is for you to have a beautiful, healthy smile.

Dental implants can offer a permanent solution to missing teeth. Our Farnham dental clinic has more than 23 years experience placing dental implants. Our Surrey based implants team is highly trained and has a very high success rate. We can replace a single missing tooth, stop loose dentures from moving or replace dentures with our immediate smile or all-on-four dental implants. If you currently have several missing teeth, replaced with a dental bridge we can design a special dental implant to replace the bridge. Our dental implant clinic in near Guildford in Surrey will place dental implants that look and feel like your natural teeth.