Multiple missing teeth

If you are facing a future with several missing teeth, you will know it is important to take positive action to keep your remaining natural teeth healthy and invest in your long-term health. You may already be wearing a denture or partial denture, but find that it moves when you talk and eat. There are a number of options available to you, including denture stabilisation, but the closest solution to having your own natural teeth back is to opt for dental implants.

As well as looking like your natural teeth, dental implants maintain support to your neighbouring teeth and underlying jaw bone, keeping them strong and healthy. With over 25 years’ experience placing dental implants, we have helped thousands of people regain their confidence in their teeth and smile.

Natural-looking solution to missing teeth

During your Advantage™ Implant Consult we will listen to your concerns, assess your dental health and determine together the best option for you to replace your missing teeth. Your treatment plan will detail the solution that best suits you in terms of your cosmetic, health and financial needs.
You may not need a dental implant to replace each missing tooth; implants can be placed to support a bridge of up to four teeth in a row, giving you a secure, long-lasting and cost-effective solution to replacing your missing teeth.
For most people, surgery is carried out under local anaesthetic; however, for more nervous patients we offer a range of sedation options.

Your replacement teeth will look and feel just like your natural teeth, and you will be able to talk and eat with confidence. You will be able to care for your fixed teeth in the same way as your natural teeth, and no one will even know you have any missing teeth.

Over 25 years’ experience and long-lasting results

Our twelve-month guarantee on all our dental implant treatments ensures you have peace of mind that you will be satisfied with your implant treatment with no hidden costs. With good oral care and regular visits to your hygienist, your dental implants will be long-lasting and life-changing. We have patients who we placed dental implants in more than 25 years ago continue to be happy with their fixed teeth.

As we have over 25 years’ experience placing dental implants, more than 500 dentists refer their patients to us for dental implants and other complex and specialist treatments. We use the best materials and latest techniques and pride ourselves in our long-lasting results.