All your teeth missing

If you have lost all your teeth, you may be finding your dentures irritating and uncomfortable and may be looking for a long-term solution. We have over 25 years’ experience placing dental implants and have helped thousands of patients replace their missing teeth. Your replacement teeth, which fit, feel and function like your natural teeth, will ensure that you can continue to enjoy a healthy and varied diet and a full and active life.

With good oral care and regular visits to your hygienist, your dental implants will be long-lasting and life-changing. We have patients who we placed dental implants in more than 25 years ago continue to be happy with their fixed teeth.

During our Advantage™ Implant Consult, we will listen to your concerns, assess your dental health and determine together the best option for you to replace all your missing teeth. Your treatment plan will detail the solution that best suits you in terms of your cosmetic, health and financial needs.

Fixed bridge solution

We can use dental implants to secure a fixed bridge, providing you with natural-looking teeth that are secure and long-lasting.

Dental implants comprising small titanium screws are inserted in your jaw bone, to which your bridge is securely fixed. Your replacement teeth will look completely natural and will be held securely in place, enabling you to talk and eat with confidence.

Depending on the amount of lower jaw bone left and the number of teeth on the bridge, a minimum of four to eight implants is required to secure the bridge in place. The upper jaw can be more complicated as the bone is thinner and may be softer, which may require additional treatment. With a combination of sinus lifts and guided bone regeneration (bone grafts), the thickness of the upper jaw bone can be significantly increased so that sufficient bone depth can be achieved.

Removable bridge solution

In some cases where people have had teeth missing for many years and have lost a lot of jaw bone, a fixed bridge solution may not provide adequate lip support. A removable bridge is an effective solution to missing teeth, and is an alternative solution if your financial budget cannot stretch to a having a fixed bridge.

Four to six implants are placed in the jaw bone, and special connectors are used to clip the bridge onto the implants to securely hold it in place. The bridge can be easily removed for cleaning and then clipped back into place. Your new teeth will look like your natural teeth while remaining securely in place.