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    Conventional (Customised) orthodontics


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teeth_straight-icnTeeth straightening solutions (conventional or customised orthodontics) are the effective way to straighten crooked or misaligned teeth, improve appearance and dental health, and restore confidence in your teeth and smile.

Kostas Spathoulas is our Specialist in orthodontics who offers a range of teeth straightening solutions for adults and children. Kostas offers a free orthodontic consultation to determine the best solution for you. For children, customised orthodontics can treat problems early and minimise the need for more complex orthodontic treatment in the future. For adults, overcrowded or gappy teeth can cause difficulties with biting and chewing, and may affect your self-confidence and your smile. You may need customised orthodontic treatment or be suitable for Invisalign clear, removable aligners or faster orthodontic systems such as Cfast or Invisalign Go.

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Determining the best teeth straightening solution for you

Kostas will carry out a complimentary initial assessment to determine your customised orthodontic needs. He will listen to your concerns about your or your child’s teeth, and will perform a thorough clinical examination. Kostas uses sophisticated imaging software to create a three-dimensional image of your exact teeth positioning, enabling a bespoke solution to be designed that best meets your health, cosmetic and financial needs.

Your chosen solution will be detailed in a treatment plan with all stages and fees involved. We guarantee these fees will not change throughout treatment, and offer payment options to spread the cost of your customised orthodontic solution.


Our customised orthodontic treatments include:

  • Treating the affects of mouthbreathing, reverse swallow, incorrect lip and tongue function and thumb sucking in children from the age of 6 years (duration 6-10 months)
  • Using orthodontic low-friction Damon fixed appliances to align all teeth, ensuring there is space for permanent teeth to emerge (duration 9–24 months)
  • Using orthodontic computer-aided smile design with custom-made, low-friction Insignia fixed appliances to align teeth (duration 12–15 months)
  • Using Invisalign custom-made, clear, removable aligners (duration 6–18 months).

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We are delighted that Kostas Spathoulas, our Specialist in orthodontics, has been awarded Diamond Invisalign provider status for the second year. This is an exceptional achievement as it marks that Kostas has straightened over 800 people's teeth with Invisalign, and continues to treat over 200 cases each year.

This puts him in the top 1% of Invisalign providers in the UK, and is the only Diamond provider in Farnham and the surrounding area. We are so proud of this achievement, and that Kostas has helped so many people of all ages achieve a straight, healthy smile.


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During your treatment you should keep up your regular dental check-ups with your usual dentist. We will show you how to keep your braces or aligners clean, and review how to clean your teeth. We recommend at least one professional clean with our hygienist during your treatment, as oral hygiene must be kept to a very high standard; poor oral hygiene will delay treatment and compromise the health of your teeth. Our hygienist will show how best to keep your mouth healthy during your orthodontic treatment.



With all orthodontic treatments, long-term retention will be required to help prevent relapse of the newly aligned teeth. We recommend both a bonded fixed retainer and a clear, plastic removable retainer for night-time use; this will ensure your teeth remain in their newly aligned position.


Teeth reshaping (interproximal reduction)

IPR brackets


Interproximal reduction (IPR), or enamel reshaping, may be needed where there isn't sufficient space to move the teeth into the required position.

It may be that you have black triangles where the teeth are touching or the teeth are too close together and there is not enough space to allow for orthodontic movement.

Interproximal reduction is a painless and gentle procedure using a file, disc or bur to reshape the enamel, creating space for the teeth to be moved into, as per your bespoke orthodontic treatment plan.


Some frequently asked questions:

Does it IPR hurt? No, it is a painless procedure.

Will my teeth be painful? No, although some people may experience some sensitivity to hot or cold food and drinks, this will return to normal within a few days.

How long does IPR take? It only takes a few minutes to gently reshape your enamel.

Are my teeth more likely to decay? No, only a minimal amount of enamel is removed, leaving plenty to protect your teeth.

Will it give me gum disease? No, it does not make your teeth more at risk of gum disease. You should continue to brush your teeth well during orthodontic treatment.


SmartForce attachments

These are tiny tooth-coloured attachments that are placed on the teeth before or during your Invisalign treatment. Where possible, our Specialist in orthodontics will position these attachments on the lingual side (back) of your teeth. However, even if placed on the front of the teeth, they are very small and barely noticeable.

SmartForce attachments help your aligners apply the correct amount of force in the right direction. They enable our Specialist to predictably plan even complex tooth movements without braces. Invisalign clear aligners fit smoothly and tightly around them, so they’re barely noticeable. 

It is important to note, however, that not everyone who uses Invisalign clear aligners will need SmartForce attachments.

To book your free orthodontic consultation, call the Welcome team on 01252 713797 or click to request a callback online.

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