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#howsyoursmile – promoting gum disease awareness

#howsyoursmile – promoting gum disease awareness

The British Society of Periodontology (BSP) is running a UK campaign in support of Gum Health Awareness Day, launched today, 12 May 2016. Gum disease (periodontitis) is a major public health problem affecting people’s quality of life, with more than 45% of adults in the UK being affected. However, gum disease is preventable and treatable if caught early.

To get involved, click to download a mouth card, take a ‘mouthie’ and click here to post it on our Facebook page and here to post in on our Twitter page. Use the hashtag #howsyoursmile on Twitter to be entered into the BSP prize draw to win some great prizes, such as £1000 worth of vouchers from Wiggle (cycle, run, swim), Apple and Spa Finder.

For more information about gum health and terms and conditions go to www.howsyoursmile.co.uk

Don’t let gum disease wipe the smile off your face! See your dentist if you have red or tender gums, bleeding gums, receding gums or loose teeth.

At Elmsleigh House our periodontists Hans-Dieter John and Manoj Tank offer patients a comprehensive range of periodontal treatments, as well as accepting patients referred by other dentists for periodontal treatment at Elmsleigh House.

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