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The ‘King’s crown’ goes on tour to raise awareness of mouth cancer

The ‘King’s crown’ goes on tour to raise awareness of mouth cancer

Elvis Presley’s dental crown, nicknamed the ‘King’s Crown’, is touring Britain to raise awareness of mouth cancer. As reported by BBC News (2014), the crown was made by Elvis’ former dentist, Henry J Weiss, and is being accompanied across the country by Elvis impersonators. The crown is owned by Michael Zuk, a dentist in Canada, who bought it at auction for £6500. Elvis’ dental mould with the crown in place is accompanied with five letters of authenticity from the wife and sons of Elvis’ former dentist as well as Joe Esposito, Elvis’ road manager. It will travel across England, Scotland and Wales to raise awareness of mouth cancer, which currently kills five people a day in the UK.

BBC News (2014) http://bbc.in/1iPZG2p

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