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Frank will help you get the perfect denture for you

December 21, 2016

Meet Frank Johnson. Frank is the Clinical Dental Technician here at Elmsleigh House Dental in Farnham. Frank is experienced and dedicated to making your new denture look like your natural teeth and fit securely.

Frank has been working with dentures since he qualified as a dental technician in 1986. There is nothing this man doesn’t know about how to craft dentures so that their owners can regain confidence in their teeth and their smile. So, if you are looking to get dentures in Farnham, Frank is the man to see.

You can meet Frank and talk about your needs in a free consultation here at Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic. Frank’s in-depth experience with dentures will help you pick the right solution for you, taking into account all your needs – health, cosmetic and financial.

At Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic, we offer several different denture options.

Premier dentures – no one will ever know these dentures are not your real teeth. Frank recreates your smile using old photographs, digital imaging and special measurements. Once he has the specifics, he handcrafts your dentures from resin fixed to an injection-moulded denture base. This base is created to simulate your natural jaw movements, and will help you maintain the natural shape of your face. The prices for premier dentures range from £600 to £3,500.

Essential dentures – these dentures come in slightly cheaper, in a price range from £500 to £2,100. The teeth are made of strong plastic affixed to a strong acrylic base, and they last between four and six years (depending on your bite). The teeth themselves are made from three layers of different-coloured resin, so that they recreate the look of natural teeth. These dentures are very resistant to staining and breaking. They make a very good spare set for emergencies, or a temporary denture after oral surgery.

All our dentures in Farnham come as either full or partial dentures, made from either chrome or plastic.

Frank makes sure that they are fitted precisely to your mouth so that when you wear them, you will feel confident when you eat, talk and laugh.

Come and spend 30 minutes with Frank and see how he can help you to have a whole new secure and happy life with dentures in Farnham.

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