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Bridge2Aid spring update

April 18, 2017

Elmsleigh House is a proud sponsor of Bridge2Aid, a charity that trains rural-based health workers in developing nations in emergency dental care.

Already in 2017 the team have trained 11 clinical workers in Tanzania.

Developed with advice from the World Health Organization, the Bridge2Aid training programme combines theory and practical training to safely extract teeth. All aspects of running a clinic are also covered, such as taking a clinical history and the importance of infection control, instrument sterilisation and clinical safety procedures. With the high prevalence of hepatitis, HIV and Aids in the region, this teaching is vital.

Bridge2Aid focuses on creating a long-term change in communities. Education is a big part of this, and through our sponsorship we are helping Bridge2Aid teach children in some of the world’s poorest communities how to make themselves safer and healthier.

In Kagera, Tanzania, where we sponsored training, all six clinical offers passed the dental training programme and now hold a certificate in emergency dental care, which is recognised by the Tanzanian Government.

In total, 11 out of the 12 clinical officers trained by Bridge2Aid so far this year have passed. During a small awards ceremony, the clinical officers were presented with their certificates and their own basic instrument kit and steam sterilizer so they can begin providing access to safe treatment in their communities. Since the first training programme of the year finished in March, 1713 patients have been treated for free and 1221 extractions have been performed!

Elmsleigh House continues to sponsor Bridge2Aid and the training of more clinical officers this year.

For more information about Bridge2Aid and all they do, visit www.bridge2aid.org.

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