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Could you get your teeth straightened more quickly?

April 26, 2017

We live in a world where waiting for something to happen is increasingly seen as a waste of time. Whether you are waiting for your internet to upload a page, or for your teeth to straighten. In todays busy world, the shorter the wait, the better.

Fortunately, when it comes to braces in Farnham, you no longer have to wait several months or years for your teeth to be transformed. At Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic, we offer two teeth straightening systems that can straighten certain kinds of wonky teeth more quickly than ever before.

Perhaps you are one of the many adults considering braces in Farnham because you have overcrowded or gappy teeth that affect the way you bite and chew, which you find hard to keep clean. Perhaps you are even hiding your teeth when you smile. Perhaps its time to come in to see Cathleen Perrin for a free consultation to find out if your teeth would respond to faster teeth straightening solutions.

straighten-teeth.jpgCfast braces

This is a discreet system of clear brackets fixed onto the teeth, strung with nickel-titanium wire to exert gentle pressure. It takes between 4 and 6 months to treat most cases. It can also be used to treat more severe crowding, protruding front teeth and gummy smiles. It should not affect your speech or eating. After your treatment, you will need to wear a fixed retainer behind your teeth to keep them in their new positions.

Inman Aligner

This consists of 2 clear plastic bars. They fit over your front teeth and use gentle pressure to align crowded or protruding front teeth. This removable aligner makes eating and brush teeth easy, It takes between 6 and 16 weeks to do its work, after which you will need to wear a fitted retainer behind your teeth. You may find that your speech is affected at first, but this will pass as you get used to wearing the aligner.

If you are not a suitable candidate for either of these kinds of braces in Farnham, we have other discreet options that will work for you.

For further information or to book an appointment, call the Welcome team on 01252 713797, email info@elmsleighhouse.co.uk or click here to request an appointment online.

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