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Finding the perfect braces – whatever your age and your needs

June 13, 2016

Braces are seen as standard treatment for children and teenagers these days. However, at Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic in Farnham, we believe that orthodontic treatment can be beneficial to patients of all ages, boosting not just self-esteem but also your dental health.

At our Farnham clinic our specialist in orthodontics is Kostas Spathoulas, who has provided many successful treatments to children, teenagers, and adults. Whether you are interested in seeking orthodontic treatment for yourself or for your child, we invite you to join us here at our dental clinic for a consultation. Depending on clinical need, treatment could involve fixed braces, or removable aligners.

Farnham orthodontic treatment options

Children and teenagers

NHS orthodontic treatment for children and teenagers is strictly rationed on the basis of clinical need. However, many children and teens have issues that, whilst not classified as clinically bad enough to require braces, can badly affect self-confidence (particularly during the self-conscious teenage years) and can cause problems maintaining good dental hygiene.

In addition, even if your child does qualify for NHS orthodontic treatment, waiting lists tend to be long and your child could be waiting a long time for their braces.

At our Farnham clinic we believe, as with any dental procedure, that early intervention is always the best idea. It makes treatment simpler and faster in many cases.

Bring your child into our Farnham clinic for an orthodontic consultation, and if we find braces are necessary we will begin their treatment immediately.


Adult orthodontic treatment can improve your self-confidence and lessen your risk of dental decay and gum disease because straighter teeth are easier to clean. With regular visits to the dentist and hygienist, coupled with a good home-care routine, teeth straightening can vastly improve oral health.

At our Farnham clinic we appreciate that many adults don’t want to wear conventional metal braces. For that reason, your orthodontist can prescribe far subtler options.

The subtle orthodontic treatments at our Farnham clinic include:

Lingual braces – Fitted behind the teeth, these appliances can correct even complex issues.

Inman Aligner – A single, removable aligner for the rapid correction of adult relapse and protrusion.

"Click here to download our free guide on customised orthodontics to find out more about Kostas' treatments and see some of his results!''

''Click here to download our free guide on how we can quickly straighten most adults' teeth with our faster orthodontic solutions''

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