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Five top tips on dentures

August 11, 2020

dentures_white_icnDentures are a cost-effective solution to replace missing teeth, and our Clinical Dental Technician (CDT), Bill Sharpling, offers a range of dentures made to restore confidence in your teeth and smile. 

Whether you have full or partial dentures, here are five top tips to looking after your dentures and keeping your mouth healthy:

  1. Denture adhesive can be used to improve the fit of dentures, reducing any food trapped beneath, and instilling confidence in the security of your replacement teeth.
  2. Soak dentures in a denture-cleansing solution daily to remove any plaque bacteria and disinfect them outside your mouth, following Bill Sharpling's or the manufacturer's guidelines.
  3. Avoid breakages by cleaning dentures over a bowl of water or a towel.
  4. Do not wear your dentures overnight (unless told to do so), to minimise infection and prevent soreness.
  5. Maintain regular check-ups with your dentist to ensure your dentures are still fitting well, and your teeth and mouth are healthy.

At Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic in Farnham, Bill Sharpling offers a free denture consultation to assess your needs and determine the best denture solution for you. Call 01252 713797 or Contact us online.


Bill offers extensive expertise in implant-stabilised and removable dentures. Listen to Mr H talk about how Bill aligned his bite with new dentures and made him "look acceptable again".


As well as making natural-looking dentures that fit precisely at Elmsleigh House, Bill is Associate Dean for Continuing Professional Development and Director of the London Dental Education Centre at King’s College London, where he is also a teacher and examiner.

Bill is the only practicing CDT globally to have been awarded Fellowship of the International Team in Implantology, and has also attained Fellowship of the British Academy of Restorative Dentistry.

Bill has lectured extensively within the UK and internationally, serves on editorial boards, and has co-authored several published papers; he is also an opinion leader to various dental companies.

Bill works in private practice in Harley Street, London, and at Elmsleigh House, Farnham, where he also accepts referrals.

Bill is also supportive of charitable work and help set up the dental laboratory at the Chitrakoot charity project in northern India.

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