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Immediate teeth – Solution for missing teeth

April 21, 2017

Tired of having trouble chewing food? Or just frustrated at seeing the ease with which other people eat while you struggle? The ability to eat what you want is often lost when you have several missing teeth.

Keep reading to find out more about the solution of immediate teeth.If you have loose or missing teeth, wear dentures or have to avoid eating certain foods, immediate teeth treatment can transform your life in one day. This advance technique can offer you a permanent, worry-free dental solution that looks, feels and works just like real teeth.

Immediate teeth treatment consists in doing the preparatory work, placing one or several dental implants and making and fitting a temporary crown or bridgework, all on the same day.

Immediate teeth uses dental implants that are precisely placed to maximise the use of the available bone. This allows dental implants to be fitted in one day.

There are many people for whom this might be a solution to the problem.

For the purpose of determining if this would be a viable solution for you, our implant dentists offer an AdvantageTM Implant Consultation. During this hour-long consultation, our dentists will listen to your concerns, assess your needs and determine whether you have sufficient healthy jawbone to go ahead with this treatment and to ensure your teeth and mouth are free from infection.

Even if you are not suitable for immediate teeth, our dentists can still offer dental implants – they will simply fit or amend your temporary denture to minimise gaps in your teeth during treatment.

A healing period enables the implant to integrate with your jawbone in a process called osseointegration. This enables the implant to be a strong anchor to attach your replacement teeth – a crown, bridge or implant-stabilised denture – which will be tailor made to match the colour, shape and lustre of your natural teeth. Indeed, no one will even notice you have replacement teeth!


Want to know how dental implants could change your life? Download our FREE guide on dental implants.

Come and see us for a consultation to find out your treatment options and determine the best treatment plan for you. This will be written up and sent to you detailing the timings of each stage and all costs involved, which can be paid in stages to spread the cost. Elmsleigh House guarantees these costs will not change throughout treatment, so you know there will be no hidden fees to your replacement teeth.

The health and satisfaction of our patients are our foremost priority.

Our experience spans over two and a half decades, and over five hundred dentists refer their patients to us for dental implants, specialist and complex treatments.

You may be wondering why we are the right organization to trust for your dental care needs, and what separates us from anyone else who may be providing a similar service in the industry. We assure you that our main aim is to improve or maintain your dental health, to offer preventive advice and to minimise treatment.

Our team of dentists and specialists have extensive experience and are qualified to the highest of standards. Your health and happiness is our priority, and the team will do all they can do ensure all patients are happy with their teeth and smile.

Furthermore, our private dental practice in Farnham has been placing implants for over 25 years with excellent and longlasting results.

Don’t leave the problem of missing teeth untreated. It can prove to be troublesome in the long run if not dealt with properly. Book your implant consultation today to find out the best options for replacing your missing teeth, and regain confidence in your teeth and smile.

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