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Life benefits of dental implant treatments

August 29, 2016

With dental implants, a dentist can permanently replace one, some, or all of your natural teeth. At Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic in Farnham we offer a number of implant solutions. When you come for a consultation with an implant dentist, they will perform a thorough clinical examination, and will come up with a customised treatment plan to suit your individual needs.

How dental implants work

Dental implants are bionic tooth roots. Made out of titanium, which is both highly compatible with human bodies and supportive of bone growth, your dentist will place them in your jaw bone in a minor operation. Most patients at our Farnham clinic only need local anaesthetic for the placement of implants, although if dental anxiety or phobia has played a role in your tooth loss, we can place your implants under conscious sedation.

Once your implants are in place, a process called osseointegration takes place. This involves your titanium dental implants meshing with your jaw bone. In some cases your implants can be loaded with temporary teeth at the same appointment, whilst in other cases it is best to leave them to heal for a few months before attaching teeth. Your Farnham implant dentist will advise you which will be the most suitable treatment option in your case when you come in for your consultation.

Permanent new teeth – a crown, a bridge, or dentures – will be attached when osseointegration is complete. This usually takes a few months.

Benefits of dental implants

Dental implants have many life benefits when compared with standard bridgework or dentures. Traditional dental bridges rely on your remaining teeth for support, whilst implant-retained bridges will actually help support your remaining teeth.

Implants help to prevent bone loss, which is often the reason traditional dentures become loose. This can affect your ability to eat anything but soft foods, can alter your speech, and impact your confidence.

The dentures we offer at our Farnham clinic are modern, comfortable, and realistic in terms of both appearance and action. However, by stabilising your dentures with dental implants, you can ensure that they remain comfortably in place at all times other than when you want to remove them.

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