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Modern dentures: your treatment options

August 01, 2016

At Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic in Farnham, we offer several options for patients requiring dentures to replace missing teeth. A partial denture is used when some teeth in one jaw is missing, whilst a full denture is used for all teeth missing in one or both jaws.

Dentures have been around for many centuries – even the Ancient Egyptians used a form of denture. The modern versions are more realistic in both action and appearance than ever before, and if you choose to have your new teeth from our Farnham dental clinic, they will be hand-crafted by our Clinical Dental Technician, Frank Johnson.

Frank offers two denture options: Premier dentures, which involve the use of special measurements, old photographs, and digital imaging to create new teeth that are so natural in appearance many people won’t even notice you are wearing a denture; and Essential dentures, comprising hard plastic teeth set on a strong acrylic base, with each tooth individually built from three layers of resin for a natural look.

With Frank’s assistance, you will be able to choose the best denture for your needs. He will make sure that you are happy with the appearance, function, and fit of your replacement teeth.

Using dental implants to secure your dentures

At our Farnham dental clinic, we find that one of the best solutions for missing teeth is to use dental implants to stabilise your dentures.

Dental implants act as replacement tooth roots. They are placed under local anaesthetic at our Farnham clinic and special attachments are then used to attach your dentures to your implants.

For lower dentures we usually use just two dental implants at our Farnham clinic, whilst for an upper denture we use three or four implants. The implants hold your teeth securely in place at all times, although you can still remove them for cleaning.

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