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Questions to Ensure You Receive Outstanding Orthodontic Treatment in Surrey

June 30, 2017

Choosing a qualified specialist, who is responsible for the beauty of your and your family’s smile, is immensely important. Orthodontic treatment can - for a time - be an ongoing process and is not without risk. That’s why finding the right practitioner is vital to receiving the correct treatment, understanding the procedure and knowing how best to prepare and recover.  

Dentists should be your first port of call when looking for an orthodontist. Ask your trusted family dentist for recommendations before doing a random “Surrey orthodontics” Google search.

Remember, dentists work closely with orthodontists and view the results of their patients’ treatments during general check-ups. A good dentist will be able to recommend reputable orthodontists in Surrey.

However, even with reliable recommendations, there are still some vital questions to ask and points to consider that will help you pick a specialist who practises high-quality orthodontics in Surrey.

 Are they registered with the General Dental Council?

Every credible orthodontist is registered with The General Dental Council - the statutory regulator of dental care professionals. They’re the professional body responsible for protecting patient safety and ensuring dental professionals are up-to-date with the best practises and technology. It should raise alarm bells if your orthodontist isn’t part of the General Dental Council.

Are they a specialist orthodontist?

After completing their Bachelor of Dentistry, an orthodontist will study for their Master in Orthodontics. Only a dentist with an orthodontic qualification can diagnose, treat dental irregularities and correctly align your teeth, bite and jaws. Orthodontists use non-surgical procedures such as wires, braces, retainers and other corrective appliances. It’s imperative to make sure your orthodontist is qualified to perform corrective procedures.

What’s their general experience and number of treatments with specific brace systems?

Whether you have braces, retainers, aligners, palatal extenders, or any other type of corrective appliance depends on your particular situation. Don’t be shy to ask how many similar procedures your orthodontist has done if they recommend specific treatments during your initial consultation.

Finding out how many years of experience they have treating adults and children, and if they tend to favour and specialise in a particular treatment, can play a part in your final decision. For example, if your child needs orthodontics, you’ll seek out an orthodontist who has the expertise in dealing with children.

Who will be assisting during the treatment?

No matter the procedure, orthodontic work is always conducted by a team. Your orthodontist will be accompanied by a dental nurse and will liaise with your dentist to keep them informed about your treatment. The success of your procedure depends on everybody. Find out more about the practice; how the team works, what their experience is, and who you can expect to see throughout your treatment.

What does before and after care entail?

At your initial consultation, your Specialist in Orthodontics will review your dental and medical history, perform an oral exam and take x-rays, provide a preliminary treatment plan and discuss the ins and outs of the treatment. Communication is essential for a healthy treatment. Make sure they address all your concerns and answer any questions you might have about the process.

During your first consultation, you should also ask them to explain costs, insurance options and available payment plans. Each orthodontist will charge differently for their procedures and stick to individual fee schedules. Your orthodontist should offer you a clear contract that stipulates every single expense. It’s common to find out about check-ups, adjustment and retainer fees after your treatment, so make sure you ask to avoid unplanned costs.

Do they provide education information and different options?

There are many different types of removable and fixed appliances that are used during treatment to help move teeth, retrain muscles and affect the overall position of the jaws. Braces, retainers, lip and cheek bumpers, aligners and palatal expanders all work by placing gentle pressure on the teeth and jaws.

The severity and type of treatment you receive depends on the condition of your jaw and teeth. A credible orthodontist will always recommend what’s best for their patients without pushing their agenda. During your consultation, they should provide you with detailed information about possible procedures and reasons for recommending them.

What is their reputation like?

When doing background research on orthodontics in Surrey, be sure to check out your potential orthodontist’s reputation. Go online and see if you can find reviews or testimonials. Peruse social media such as Facebook to see how patients have experienced their treatment. This will give you a good indication, beyond a first consultation, whether or not your orthodontist is reputable.

It’s also a sign of high-quality treatment if your orthodontist is regularly referred patients by credible dentists because it demonstrates that other health professionals trust them. You should also check their website or ask them for before and after photographs of patients they’ve treated. This will give you a clear indication of their standard of work.

Most importantly, you should feel comfortable and at ease with your orthodontist. An initial consultation is like a first impression. After meeting them, you should feel relaxed, informed and trust that they’re able to perform the procedure with the utmost expertise.

At Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic, our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring patients are happy with their smiles. We have referrals from over 500 dentists and look after the oral hygiene of over 5000 patients. We offer exceptional orthodontics in Surrey and can assist you with a range of high-quality treatments.

Book a consultation with us and regain confidence in your straightened teeth.

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