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Tooth extraction and a dental implant to replace

October 05, 2021

ID before extraction

Mr D saw Kit Spears at Elmsleigh House because one of his back teeth was causing pain and discomfort.

Kit performed a thorough examination and determined that Mr D’s left molar had split in two and become infected. He advised the tooth needed to be removed as it was no longer salvageable.


Kit extracted the split molar tooth using local anaesthesia to numb the area and ensure Mr D remained comfortable. He discussed Mr D’s options, including leaving a gap, a removable denture, a bridge or an implant.


ID extraction

Mr D was to return after 12 weeks so that Kit could review the bone restructuring and healing, and plan his tooth-replacement option.


Mr D returned to see Kit after 12 weeks for an assessment of the tooth extraction site and determine the plan for replacing this tooth. He had found that the gap was affecting his speech and sometimes caught his tongue, so he wanted to replace it with a dental implant.


Kit determined that the bone had healed poorly in the area, likely related to the significant infection around the tooth before its removal. He therefore would need to rebuild some lost bone in the area with special regenerative techniques using bone grafting material.


Kit was then able to place a dental implant under local anaesthesia. Essentially a ‘bionic root’, the small titanium screw is placed into the jawbone, which integrates in a process called osseointegration and actively prevents bone loss. This is buried under the gum and allowed to heal for several months.


ID implant

Kit then uncovered and tested the implant and placed a healing cap, which protrudes through the gum.


ID implant abutment

Impressions were then taken and a crown made to match the colour, shape and lustre of the adjacent teeth.


An implant post was then securely fitted and the crown temporarily secured to ensure Mr D was happy with the fit, feel and appearance.


ID implant crown x-ray

As Mr D was delighted with his replacement tooth, he returned to see Kit to fix it definitively in place. He continues to see Kit for his general dental care.



ID crown final

"Kit was extremely professional and attentive to any discomfort I felt throughout the work he undertook.


Everything went without a hitch and I am delighted with the results" Mr D.

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