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Using dental implants in Farnham to combat loose dentures

November 16, 2016

If you wear dentures, dental implants in Farnham can make a vast improvement to your quality of life. Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic offers both denture stabilisation – using a series of implants to secure your denture – and the option of replacing dentures with an implant-retained full-arch bridge.

Dentures of one form or another have been used for many centuries to replace missing teeth, restoring both function and appearance to your smile. Modern dentures are highly realistic, but if they are used as a standalone treatment without anything to replace the roots of your teeth, you are likely to have to visit your dentist more than once to have them adjusted.

This is because the jaw bone starts to resorb (shrink) without the tooth roots in place, meaning that whilst your dentist or clinical dental technician will have taken every step to ensure that your new dentures fit perfectly when first you start wearing them, over time the structure of your face will change – which means your dentures will need to have their fit changed, too.

Dental implants are a simple and cost-effective way of avoiding these problems. Our Farnham implantology team have carried out a large number of successful implant procedures, giving people who are missing some or all of their natural teeth a second chance at a healthy and functional jaw, without poorly-fitting dentures getting in the way.

Farnham dental implants

When you come into our Farnham dental clinic for a dental implants consultation, an experienced implant dentist will conduct a careful examination, including using CT scans and x-rays as required to assess your current level of bone density.

Placing dental implants requires a small operation, which is carried out here in the dentist’s chair at our Farnham clinic. If dental phobia or anxiety has played a part in your tooth loss, options are available to have treatment under sedation, meaning that you will be very relaxed and pain free, without the down time of a general anaesthetic.

Your Farnham dentist will place the required number of dental implants, and may also attach immediate temporary teeth. After your implants have integrated with your jaw bone, permanent new dentures or bridgework is attached.

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