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Over 15 years ago we started providing our own Study Club, courses and seminars for dentists.

Study Club 2018

We welcomed the first members to our Study Club more than a decade ago. Since then we have hosted over 80 events and had the chance to bring world-class speakers, such as Chris Orr, Martin Kelleher, Eric Whaites, John Besford, Arun Nayyar and Trevor Burke, in front of our members.

In line with the GDC's enhanced CPD scheme, which starts on 1st January 2018 for dentists, our Study Club 2018 will address these changes.

Our Study Club 2018 will include:

  • An evening workshop scheduled for the 16th January to produce your Personal Development Plan (PDP), which is a requirement for all dental professionals to have as part of the GDC's enhanced CPD scheme.
  • Four full days of enhanced learning across the year, offering 32.5 hours of verifiable CPD covering all core subjects in a five-year cycle.

The cost is £2075 for the year, covering all aspects of enhanced CPD, with four full days at the Aviator Hotel in Farnborough including all lectures, refreshments, lunch and post-lecture meals, and an evening workshop to produce your PDP. This cost can be paid in advance or spread across the year in monthly payments.

Many of our members have been with us since the start of the Study Club over a decade ago, but we are welcoming new members to start Study Club 2018.

“When I joined the Study Club five years ago I was looking for an easy, enjoyable way to fulfill my CPD while keeping myself up-to-date with the latest techniques and materials. The Study Club is good value; most alternative day courses cost around £500 and Elmsleigh House always book excellent speakers. I love having the opportunity to get to know so many dentists socially, it takes the stress of dental life away, or at least it helps you laugh at difficult situations!” Rhiannon Cole, Guildford.

If you would like to join Study Club 2018 or for more information, contact Cat Collins, Course Coordinator and MD, Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic, on cat@elmsleighhouse.co.uk or 01252 715706.

Courses and seminars

We also run courses and seminars across the year to enhance education and training, such as a prosthetics course to give you the skills and confidence to offer implant prosthetics to your patients.

For more information, contact Cat Collins on cat@elmsleighhouse.co.uk or 01252 715706.

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