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Best Teeth Whitening Solutions in Surrey

July 17, 2017

Nothing showcases confidence like a bright, sparkling smile. Over time your teeth may lose their shine, especially if you drink coffee or smoke. But fear not even yellowed, stained teeth can be restored to their gleaming glory. Teeth whitening is one of the most popular dental procedures, for the simple reason that a whiter, brighter smile can make a world of difference to your self esteem. If you want to look your best and boost your confidence, read on to find out about teeth whitening in Surrey.

Pre-Consult Considerations

The first question you need to ask is whether teeth whitening is right for you. Teeth whitening is a suitable option for most people over the age of 18. However, it is not for you if you have gum disease, are pregnant or breastfeeding. Furthermore, it can also be ineffective on crowns, fillings, false teeth or veneers. However, your dentist will be able to provide you with options so these will match your shiny new smile.

How whitening works

Your initial consultation lasts an hour so that the dentist has time to listen to your concerns and assess your individual treatment needs. Our teeth whitening treatment is a safe procedure that uses a dental bleaching agent called carbamide peroxide to whiten your teeth. The carbamide peroxide penetrates the enamel of your teeth and oxidises the pigment bonds in the dentine, which whitens your teeth without damaging the surface.

Once you’re ready to start the whitening process, your dentist will take impressions of your teeth. These casts are used to custom-make trays that fit you correctly. You will be shown how to safely apply the carbamide peroxide gel to the mouth trays and how to fit them around your teeth, and then you’ll take home your mouth trays with sufficient tooth-whitening gel to achieve your whiter shade.

You will need to apply the whitening gel to your mouth trays and wear them every day for a length of time specified by your dentist. You should keep applying the gel until you’re happy with the brightness of your teeth. The treatment lasts two to four weeks, depending on your individual needs, and your dentist will take time and care to ensure you achieve the best result possible.

Be prepared for sensitivity

While Elmsleigh House is committed to taking the best measures to make sure you’re comfortable, there is a potential for a degree of tooth sensitivity during and after the teeth whitening process. Our dentists can prescribe medication to make sure you’re comfortable.

It doesn’t last forever  

Stains can reappear on your teeth over time, especially if you smoke or drink tea, coffee or red wine. You may want to avoid certain food and drink, but your dentist can also prescribe you gel to ‘top up’ the treatment until your white teeth are restored. To properly maintain the new look, you’ll need to undergo teeth whitening treatment about once every 12–18 months.

Picking the right type of treatment

As we have seen in the press recently, there are different types of teeth whitening treatments on the market, from rinses and toothpastes that work gradually over time, take-home kits with trays and whitening gel, to in-chair treatment at a dental clinic. It is important that you understand your treatment options and make a fully informed decision as to which treatment solution is most appropriate for you.  


Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic is one of the leading cosmetic dental clinics in Surrey and the South of England. We have an experienced team of dentists, surgeons, hygienists and technicians who will tailor your treatment to make sure you leave smiling your brightest smile. It is important to ensure that you choose a clinic with a reputation for the highest quality treatment. There are a number of considerations when evaluating a dental clinic for teeth whitening in Farnham.

Are they listed on review sites?

Check out the reviews on reputable review sites, as well as Facebook and Google. An established clinic should have a number of reviews, and it should come highly recommended by past patients.

What are the reviews like?

Of course, just having reviews isn’t enough. Make sure that the vast majority of past patients have only good things to say. A good dental practice should always have Patient reviews for you to look at. These help you understand what other patients’ experiences have been like.

Do dentists refer patients?

You can always tell a trustworthy practice by referrals: if dentists themselves are sending patients to a particular clinic, you can be assured the clinic is reliable, well established and trusted by other healthcare providers. At Elmsleigh House, over 500 dentists send patients for specialist and complex procedures.  

Examples of work

Don’t be afraid to ask questions during your initial consult. It’s a great idea to ask to see before and after photos of past patients, to give you a clear idea of the results you can expect from the practice.

For your initial consultation, contact Elmsleigh House today.


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