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Selfie-conscious people may improve brushing technique!

November 14, 2016

The November issue of Oral Health reports that people who take 'selfies' (photographs or videos of themselves with their mobile phones) may subconsciously brush their teeth better.

A group of dentists and researchers from India and the USA performed a small study to track whether taking selfies while brushing teeth made any difference to technique. The surprising results showed that when participants filmed themselves brushing their teeth at home, several changes and variations in the quality and accuracy of their toothbrushing technique occurred over time.

It was concluded that participants behaved almost as if someone was watching them brush their teeth, resulting in them self-consciously changing their toothbrushing behaviour to create a new habit. The study revealed an increase in the accuracy of brush strokes, an increase in number of strokes and an overall 8% improvement in toothbrushing skill.

Click to watch Gill, one of our hygienists at Elmsleigh House, show you how to clean your teeth effectively.

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