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Food! Glorious food!

Remember those workhouse boys in Oliver! singing about hot sausage and mustard, cold jelly and custard, when there was only gruel? Thats a bit how you can feel when you lose one or more teeth, and, with them, your freedom of choice around food.

Crunchy food (apples, carrots), gloopy foods (nut butters), chewy foods (toffees, steak), bitty foods (seeds and nuts)  theres a long list of foods to avoid when you dont have teeth, or wear false ones. If you are a 'live to eat' kind of person, being denied these glories can feel like a terrible punishment. However, there is a solution that can give you back your varied diet, and we have it on hand here at Elmsleigh Dental Clinic in Farnham: dental implants.

Posted on April 14, 2017

What is a porcelain crown?

Teeth have functional and aesthetic purpose. Healthy teeth enhance your smile and self-confidence. They also allow you to chew foods properly and keep the symmetry of your jaw.

Today, there are a variety of restorative dentistry treatments to help the patient regain the function of their teeth and the beauty of their smiles.

If the tooth is cracked, infected, or decayed, it may need a dental crown to repair it.

Posted on April 13, 2017

Straighten your teeth with braces in Farnham

No smile is entirely perfect, but you may need some extra help to get your teeth looking as healthy and straight as possible. Dentists have been using braces to fix a variety of bite and alignment issues for generations.

Posted on April 10, 2017
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