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Cosmetic bonding improves confidence before university

September 15, 2020

Patient didn't like the gap between her teethMiss A didn't like the gap between her two front teeth, which she wanted to address before starting university in September. Her mother and dentist Cathleen Perrin at Elmsleigh House offered reassurance and reasons to leave her lovely smile as it was. However, her mother began to realise that her daughter was actually becoming more shy to smile in photographs because of it.


After much deliberation, Cathleen agreed to do some simple cosmetic bonding to close the gap between Miss A's front teeth before she went to university.


Cosmetic bonding is a non-invasive procedure that does not damage healthy teeth. The colour of the bonding material was made to match Miss A's front teeth, and used to close the gap in one simple and painless procedure.


Patient happy after cosmetic bonding closed the gapMiss A was extremely happy with the result, allowing us to share her photographs!


We are delighted she will have confidence to smile in photographs and at university, and wish her all the best in her studies!


Cosmetic bonding and teeth reshaping

If you want to subtly enhance the appearance of your smile, our cosmetic dentists in Farnham can use tooth-coloured materials to fill small gaps between your teeth or smooth over rough or chipped edges. Your teeth could have worn edges, shallow pits or grooves, or may be slightly overlapping; cosmetic bonding and teeth reshaping can minimise these small defects by smoothing the surface of the tooth to create a uniform and straighter smile.


The colour of the material is matched to the colour of your other teeth and is bonded directly onto the tooth surface. It can be shaped or contoured to match the surrounding teeth or alter the shape, depending on your needs. In this way, prominent or overlapping teeth can be reshaped and recontoured painlessly.


Book a free 30-minute cosmetic dentistry consultation to determine your options to eliminate imperfections in your teeth and enable you to smile with confidence.

Read our Cosmetic dentistry brochure here >

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